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Real Vs Gaming Headphones- Which One You Should Buy?

There is no denying that gaming headphones are pretty much different from non-gaming headphones. But, many of us become confused when it comes to choosing one from them. Understanding the real vs gaming headphones comparison will help you in your decision-making.

No doubt, both of the headphones are specially designed to serve some specific purposes. Read on to get in-depth insights about both of these headphones.

Real Vs Gaming Headphones- Which One You Should Buy?

Gaming Headphone Features:

If you are a gamer, you already know the benefits of having gaming headphones on your desk. It will help you to get a better gameplay experience. Let’s dive into the main features of gaming headphones.

Microphone: One of the major features of a gaming headphone is you will get an attached microphone with it. So, you can easily communicate with your fellow gamers. Besides, many games have the option to speak and then when this mic will be needed specifically. You may find microphones in some non-gaming headphones as well, but it will be very rare.

Surround Sound: It is another unique feature of gaming headphones. Surround sound is amazing as you will get a feeling like the source of the audio is your surroundings. In gaming, it is really important. Suppose you are playing an action game.

The surround sound feature of your headphone will make you feel your enemies just from the sound. However, if you buy an inferior gaming headphone, the surround sound may not be able to give you a real feeling.

Bulky: In most cases, gaming headphones are a little bit bulky compared to non-gaming ones. Because it comes with an over-ear format along with the mic boom. That said, the good news is you are not going to use it in your walk or outside. So, the bulky feature will never create any problem for you.

Audio Profile: When you talk about gaming headphones, the audio quality should be quite good. That is the reason, you will get strong bass in a gaming headphone. For this reason, sometimes you may not get a real feel, but the in-game experience will be superb. On the other hand, non-gaming headphones come with a balanced audio profile to give you a better music experience.

Real or Non-Gaming Headphone Features

If you don’t play the game frequently, most probably you are interested in non-gaming headphones. They are also known as music headphones. Below I will discuss the key features of a real non-gaming headphone.

Portability: It is one of the main features of non-gaming headphones. You can easily take it to wherever you want. Keeping that in mind, manufacturers usually build music headphones in two major designs- on-ear and over-ear. The good news is this over-ear model is not that bulky like gaming headphones.

Audio Profile: When you talk about a real headphone, it is built with drivers which are so advanced to create a wider range of frequency. So, you can expect great audio quality with a wide soundstage. You will never have to complain about the audio quality of a music headphone. Because they are specially designed to serve that purpose.

On the other hand, gaming headphones are popular because of their added features. For example, you will get a surround sound feature and a built-in microphone in a gaming headphone.

Price: In a general sense, real headphones which are specially designed for music are more expensive compared to gaming headphones. Because they come with a great level of build quality, great audio quality, and beautiful designs. Besides, most of the customers grab music headphones. That is the reason it may cost you a good amount of money due to increasing demand.

Which One Should You Get?

There is no doubt that all types of headphones are specially designed to serve specific purposes. When you talk about real headphones, they are made for giving you a great audio experience. They come in a variety of styles and designs.

You will get a variety of options. For instance, if you want a sleek design, you will easily get it. Besides, music headphones are extremely portable. But, you won’t get any added features like surround sound and built-mic on it.

On the other hand, when you talk about gaming headphones, it comes with everything to give you a better gaming experience. Most importantly, you will get a built-in microphone with it. It is a great benefit you will get from gaming headphones. You don’t need to buy a separate mic and setting up that mic can also be messy sometimes.

But, with a built-in microphone, you are fully ready to win your match. Besides, its surround sound feature is also amazing. You can feel the enemy in your game and suggest action to your fellow gamers by using the mic.

So, what type of headphones you should get depends on your purpose. First of all, you need to identify why you need a headphone. It is quite important. Here are my suggestions for you.

If you need a headphone just to listen to music and do other kinds of relevant stuff, you can go for real or music headphones. If you are a gamer, you should go for good-quality gaming headphones. As they are built to give you the best gaming experience, you will never regret it.

However, there are some Non-gaming headphones as well which can also give you a seamless experience. Yes, it is possible to play games with headphones that are not even designed for gaming. But, there are a lot of things we need to consider before buying one. Click here to see a list of the best non gaming headphones for gaming. This list was made with experience and chit-chat with professional Esports players.

Final Words

Different headphones will serve a different purpose. In this article on real vs gaming headphones, I tried to cover everything about them. If you love gaming, you must choose a gaming headphone to get a better experience. On the other hand, if you need a headphone just for everyday use, you can easily go for real headphones.

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