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Do I Need A Gaming Mouse?-Let’s Find It Out

If you are a gamer or have a passion for gaming, most probably you have a custom-built gaming PC. Many believe a gaming PC is pretty much useless if you don’t have a gaming mouse. But, do I need a gaming mouse? “A gaming mouse is specially designed to give you a seamless gaming experience. The main difference you may notice in a gaming mouse from an ordinary mouse is … Read more

Top 5 Best CPU for Server of 2021- [Reviews & Buying Guide]

A CPU is the most important component of a PC. To run a server that has to be active all the time, you need the best CPU for server. Now, it is quite hard to find a CPU in the market. There are lots of brands and tons of models of CPUs you can get. What to consider while buying a CPU that you will be using for running your … Read more

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Top 7 Best FM2 CPU for Gaming [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Both the best FM2 and best fm2+ processors are reportedly very good for gaming, hence it is sought after by gamers, both new and experienced. Of course, depending on each user’s needs, the type of GPU and CPU considered to be the best FM2 CPU or fm2+ best CPU varies. Additionally, the socket FM2+ is marketed to last the user through 50 CPU replacements. While both FM2 and FM2+ are … Read more

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Top 6 Best LGA 1366 CPU- [Reviews & Buying Guide]

If you are someone looking for a high-end workstation or need something for server use you could consider getting a socket 1336 CPU. Some of these models are also used for heavy gaming, virtualization, and much more. With a little read, you could find the best LGA 1366 CPU for you. Socket B or socket LGA 1366 where the LGA stands for Land Grid Array, is Intel socket CPU. An … Read more

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Top 7 Best Motherboard for Video Editing of 2021

Video editing is a passion to someone or a way of earning. The best motherboard for video editing can make your edits more appealing. It will help you to spread your work worldwide and attract the majority of people to work with you. In this article, have gathered a total of 7 motherboards that are for people with different budget. These motherboards are on this list because of their performance … Read more

Top 5 Best CPU for 1080 TI of 2021

CPUs are one of the most important parts of a PC. CPUs play a really important role in a build. Choosing the best CPU for 1080 ti isn’t that easy. You have to look for compatibility with the motherboard as well as with the GPU. Otherwise, your CPU cannot deliver its best performance. People struggle a lot to choose the best CPU for their pc build.1080Ti is one of the … Read more

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Top 6 Best CPU For Minecraft Server of 2021

Minecraft! What a fun game right? Unlimited possibilities and capacity make the game fun forever. In the gaming community, Minecraft is in fact popular. Although the game is 10 years old it is still going quite well. Believe it or not, the game is one of the bestselling around the world. In this article, we will be focusing on some best CPU for Minecraft. We will be elaborating on some … Read more

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Top 6 Best CPU For RTX 2060:[The Ultimate Reviews of 2021]

So, you are looking for the best gaming desktop? Well, I’m going to give you just that. In this post, I’ll review the best CPU for RTX 2060. My hope in doing this is to ensure that if you are looking for the best CPU for an awesome gaming experience, you find it easy to nail one. How is this possible? Well, I am going to review several CPUs for … Read more

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Top 6 Best Cpu for Programming & Gaming Reviews of 2021

If you are looking forward to starting your programming journey, whether it be with Java, Python, or C++, along with your choice of the best CPU for programming and gaming this is the right place to find one. We have gathered a list that just might provide you with your perfect choice of processor ideal for the job. Programming has played a huge part in helping us advance this forward into … Read more

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Top 7 Best AM3 CPU in 2021-[Review & Buying Guide]

Initially released in 2009 by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), AM3 is a socket architecture aimed for both desktop computers and laptop processors which are found on motherboards. Using this socket AM3, the processors run on multiple cores and threads and support even 3.5 GHz of speed. With such features and enhanced speed, the machine is preferred by many who want their processing tasks fast but particularly by those who are … Read more

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