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Mouse And Keyboard Vs Controller Fps-Which Is Better?

If you have a passion for FP games, most probably you already know some tricks to win the show. Without any doubt, being able to control the character swiftly will help you to get the job done smoothly. But One thing to know is Mouse And Keyboard Vs Controller Fps. Is “keyboard and mouse” harder than the controller? If you are wondering about this question, this article will reveal the truth. Read on!

Mouse and Keyboard

When you talk about controlling a game through a mouse and keyboard, you will have a great level of benefits. Below I will discuss everything excellent about them.

Advantages of Keyboard:

There is no doubt that mice and the keyboard have been used for decades by many users. When you talk about full-size 104 keys, you will get the opportunity to input completely to improve your user experience in gameplay.

Besides, those ready-made keyboards will give you complete control of your character along with flexibility. There is no denying that on a keyboard, you will have multiple input options. So, if you are playing a menu-heavy game, using a keyboard will give you more advantages.

From back in the time, developers developed games keeping the mind of keyboard and mouse as the control panel. No doubt, many gamers will still love the original control. On top of that, a keyboard will provide you with the option of using macros.

If you don’t know about macros, they are just a command series tied to a single input. You may also find keyboards that are specially designed with dedicated macro keys. As you can give multiple commands in a single keypress, it will give you a great advantage in real gameplay.

Especially when you talk about complex FP games, the keyboard is awesome in terms of giving you enough input opportunities. Not to mention, you will have many exclusive options when choosing a keyboard.

From small keys to larger keyboards that come in ergonomic design, you will have enough flexibility. You can also go for custom keycaps or even mechanical switch types to get the job done.

Advantages of Mouse:

The main advantage that a mouse will offer to you is precision. You can properly aim and besides, you’ll be able to move it throughout the mouse pad at ease. Based on the DPI (Dots Per Inch), you will be able to do an even quicker movement.

Besides, some mice will allow you to do the advanced level of settings along with inputs. When you compare it with a typical controller, you will be to aim even easier. If you are talking about a first-person perspective game, the precision of aiming is pretty much crucial.

So, using a mouse will give you a great comparative advantage. However, in a controller, the developer may go through an aim to assist the implementation process. Because not having this feature in a controller is an inherited disadvantage.

Besides, you can conveniently click and drag, which is not in the case of a controller. You will find many advanced levels of mice these days to give you the best level of game-playing experience.

Advantages of Controller

First of all, let me tell you what a controller is. A controller is an external device that will give you a great level of controlling power when it comes to playing PC games. Some popular brands produce world-class controllers. For instance, you can talk about Sony’s DualShock 4 or the famous Xbox manufactured by tech-giant Microsoft.

You’ll find many innovative features in a controller. From face buttons to pressure-sensitive triggers, to dual joysticks, you’ll get everything in a controller. The manufacturers may give you other exciting options.

The main advantage of the controller is it will offer you great comfortability and accessibility. Without any doubt, the flexibility, grip, and ease of handling opportunities you will get from a controller are incomparable. It will also offer you great portability.

If you love simplicity, it is a perfect fit. Even with the fewer input options, a controller can make your day. Most importantly, you will enjoy playing your game at its every moment. You’ll get a real feeling and the entire control of your game will be at your hand.

A joystick will give you enough flexibility while moving a character that you may not get from a keyboard or mouse.

So, Mouse And Keyboard Vs Controller Fps (Which Is Better?)

So, controller vs keyboard and mouse, which is better? In my opinion, both types of control will give you many advantages. Still, there are some limitations in every type. Here I would say both types of control are important to win a game. So, it will not be a wise decision to put more weight on one control type.

While the controller will give you easy handling and flexibility, a mouse and keyboard will offer you perfect aiming. You need to determine your preferred method. You don’t need to choose one. You can use both types of control panels without any hassle. You can easily switch from one type to another.

Wrapping Up!

I know many people are so much passionate about their gaming world. But having good control while playing games will give you a great competitive advantage. Many gamers still become confused about the mouse and keyboard Vs controller in FPS games. I hope this article has helped you to get an insight into it.


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