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Is Minecraft CPU or GPU Intensive?

Today in this article, we will give you an in-depth look at Minecraft’s graphical requirements and performances at different physical combinations of your PC. It will answer the question of Is Minecraft CPU or GPU intensive or mostly relying on GPU to do the heavy lifting? And you will have an idea of what gear you will need to run Minecraft for yourself.

Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time on all platforms, and on top of that, it does not require stacked computers to run it. Most Personal Computers currently will be able to launch it at its minimal state and most others at its maximum graphical settings.

Relevancy of Minecraft

A Minecraft is a really popular game for all ages, it stands out from the rest for being able to play it however you like, explore new biomes, caves, ocean depths, fortresses, even different dimensions, build anything you desire, beat the game your style and got endless fun packed into itself. Basically, Minecraft is an endless world that anyone can explore and enjoy.

Minecraft can be educational for kids because it helps with being creative and thinking out of the box. There is an educational model that can be helpful in teaching kids many things in a fun way.

Grown-ups also enjoy the game. There are many successful individuals who play Minecraft and become content creators.

Is Minecraft CPU or GPU Intensive?

The game we overlooking certainly differs from other Tripple a Tittles. While they concentrate on the visual effects, Minecraft got its fair share but way different from reality.

It has rough and sharp edges on surfaces, visual effects, and even colors are the elements that make it more dependent on the CPU side. This means that the ability of your CPU contains the most influence on your computer’s rendering, and the CPU will be the component constraining your FPS in most cases rather than a GPU.

As mentioned earlier Minecraft is a light game that even a CPU alone can handle at 720p without lag or stuttering. With just the buff enough integrated CPU, it will render at 60 fps or more on 1080p. One thing to be considered is that all these performances are recorded without any shaders or mods, just plain Minecraft on the highest settings.

The differences between high-end CPUs and budget options will be a clear contrast in Minecraft. Even though it is not visually demanding, it will consume any extra power provided by the CPU to display all the objects in the game.

As mentioned earlier, Minecraft by itself does not require high-end graphics cards, so even a weak graphics card will increase the performance significantly. For an LGA 1366 CPU socket, Minecraft will perfectly render with an i5-3570K, or rather in the case of using an AM3 CPU, you can pair it up with an AMD FX-6350 for a flawless experience. In both cases, it still must have any type of dedicated graphics card.

If you are planning to add discrete graphics to your pc build for more even load an Intel Core i3-4xxx or a Ryzen Athlon 3000G will be plenty. And in case you are planning to not purchase a graphics card, you can invest that money for a CPU alone and get similar results. Under that situation, the CPUs I recommend will be Ryzen 5 3400G or an Intel Core i5-8400.

Why do you need advanced CPUs and GPUs for Minecraft?

As we have stated earlier, you do not need a buffed PC to play Minecraft. But. There are many ways to make Minecraft more enjoyable by using many textures and shaders. Specific versions of Minecraft, such as Minecraft Windows 10 Edition support RTX.

It can provide real-life lighting conditions inside Minecraft. It looks quite beautiful but not every graphics card can run it. Only Invidia RTX graphics cards will be able to support this feature, not only for Minecraft specifically but also for other real-time Ray Tracing supported games.

There are certain modified versions of Minecraft and world that require a decent PC specification in order to run smoothly and lag-free.

Is Buying an expensive CPU and GPU worth it?

Pc building is addictive. Once you build your first PC, you are going to upgrade the parts, eventually. IF you can afford to buy a good GPU and CPU there is a lot of advantages. You can stream on many platforms without facing any lags and can play games in ultra-settings to enjoy the game to its full potential.

But, if you can’t afford the parts anytime soon, it shouldn’t be a problem unless your CPU/GPU faces any problems. You can replace the part with a warranty or choose to buy a better part for your upgrade.


What is the best Minecraft CPU?

Without any discrete graphics card, Intel Core i5-8400 will run Minecraft perfectly under high graphical settings.

How popular is Minecraft?

Minecraft is the most sold game worldwide. Even though it was released back in 2011, it has been regularly updated and is still putting out a bunch of new content every major update. To this day, there are around 130 million monthly players which is HUGE!

Can I run Minecraft with integrated GPUs?

Yes, you can run Minecraft with an Integrated GPU. But to get a silky smooth legless experience, the CPU should be as powerful as a Ryzen 5 3400G or an Intel Core i5-8400.

What is RTX for Minecraft and how to run it?

RTX for Minecraft provides Real-time Ray Tracing for better light quality in the game. But unfortunately, only PCs with Invidia RTX graphics cards can support it.

Is Minecraft bad for us?

As we have mentioned in the article, Minecraft can be educational for kids. However, too much gaming can be bad for your eyes. IF you do gaming with a limit, you will be good to go.

Final Verdict

When it comes down to Minecraft, you don’t need a super buffed PC to run the game.  Minecraft runs on any version of the computer you have. TO experience the advanced graphics and to tun the game like butter you need a very good CPU and a GPU such as RTX. This article was on is Minecraft more CPU or GPU intensive, we hope you got your answer from our article today. As always, we appreciate your time for reading us.

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