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How to Unsync iPhone from iPad?

Did your kid synced your iPhone to his/her iPad, and now you don’t know how you can unsync it? Here’s the perfect solution for you fellas.

Do you know how many devices you can sync to your iPhone? You can sync 10 devices to your iPhone. Sometimes many occasions come when you have to unsync your iPhone from the iPad. Maybe you have to sell the phone or you have important files that you can’t risk. In this article, we are going to elaborate on how to unsync iPhone from iPad. We have shown the easiest method of all, so make sure to read the full essay.

How to Unsync iPhone from iPad – Step by Step

How to Unsync iPhone from iPad

Now, we will be looking at how to unsync the iPhone from the iPad. We have made the easiest steps just for you. We value your time and effort. Please read the steps carefully before performing.

Step 1

Make sure to charge your phone decently before the following step. You surely Don’t want your phone to shut down while you are working on it, right?

Step 2

If you locked your iPad with a password, it’s time to unlock it before using it. Well, without unlocking you can’t get into your phone.

After unlocking the iPad, please enter settings.

Step 3

After opening the settings, it’s time to click on your name. Now click on iTunes and amp, App store. Tap on the Apple ID and sign in with the correct information it requires. Scroll down and find the iCloud option from the list.

Step 4

After you are successful in finding iCloud click on it. There should be various turned-on options that can be turned off too. And so, your iPhone is synchronized with the iPad.

Step 5

Lastly, turn off everything you see on the list. And this is how you can unsync any iPhone from iPad without the help of any personal computer. You already have everything you need on your iPhone to perform this task.\

Do You Need to Unsync the iPhone from the iPad?

There are many Apple devices like the iPhone, MacBook, iPad, and iPod. These devices can connect automatically using an Apple ID or iTunes. As we all know iTunes is for music and also we can use this syncing method for enjoying many other entertainment programs.

By syncing your devices to an iPhone, you are also sharing valuable information. As we all know it also shares the purchase method. You may need to unsync the iPhone from the iPad to sell the phone without leaking your Apple ID. Also, you can sync only ten devices to the iPhone. If you need to sync a new one, with this method you can replace it with the one you don’t need anymore.

Alright! We have talked enough about why we need to unsync an iPhone from an iPad. It’s time to show you how you can unsync your iPhone from another device easily.

How to Unsync the iPhone Apps from the iPad

Just to be clear, unsyncing a whole device and apps are two different things. If you need to unsync certain applications, you can simply log out from the apps or disable them. We are talking about apps like iTunes and iMessage.

On the other hand, Unsyncing devices are a whole new story. Let’s find out why. In the following section, we have given some proper and straightforward steps that can help you with unsyncing your iPhone from any iPad.

How to Remove Apple ID from any iPhone/iPad with a Computer

How to Remove Apple ID from any iPhone

Cannot do the job with the phone itself? We will have another way for you. This is another way you can unsync your iPhone from an iPad.

To perform the following section, you will need a laptop or computer. If you’re ready to go, let’s start!

Step 1

Start iTunes on a mac computer. And you need a mac computer to achieve success with this method.

Step 2

Click on the menu and “Account” afterward. And from this, you have to click “View My Account” this way, you’ll be able to see your account details.

Step 3

If it asks for a password, make sure to give the correct passcode.

Step 4

Now, you’ll see an option called “Manage Devices” in the “iTunes in the Cloud” compartment.

Note: this option will only occur if you have multiple devices connected to your Apple ID. If you had a suspension if someone is using your Apple ID, you can find it here.

Step 5

After this, you’ll be able to see every device that is connected to your Apple ID. You will also see an option called “Remove”. By clicking on this option, you’ll be able to remove your Apple information from the devices.

With these two methods, you’ll be able to unsync and remove Apple ID from devices.

How to Connect Apple Devices without Apple ID

You can connect your iPhone to other Apple devices with the setting called “Handoff” if you didn’t know about it, let us give you the perfect steps.

  • Open your settings and go to the “General”. It should be straightforward to identify it.
  • Tap on the option called “Handoff”. It will be right there and you’ll find it easily.
  • Turn on “Handoff” by swiping the button to the right.
  • And you’ll be able to connect devices easily. Make sure that the other device also has the option turned on.

By the end of this, you will be able to connect any apple device without giving your Apple ID information. This is safe and easy.

Final Thoughts

It’s okay to know less about technology. We love to help you guys with the information you need. In this article, today we have shown how to unsync iPhone from iPad. We have also provided 2 different methods for you to follow. If you don’t want to I’ve your Apple ID, we have given you the perfect way to connect devices without Apple ID. Thank you for reading the essay, have a nice time.

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