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How to Ship a GPU- [Easiest Way of Shiping]

How to ship a GPU?, It is a common question we get every day from a lot of people. Well, we don’t blame you for the concern. A GPU is both crucial and costly. If you don’t handle it properly, the chances of ruining a perfect GPU are at their highest.

If you’re shifting your computer to a new place or need to shift the GPU somewhere, you will need to be careful about the task.

In this article, we will talk about how you can shift a GPU easily without any difficulties.

how to ship a GPU

How to Ship a GPU, The Easiest and Safest Way

How to Ship a GPU

Any person that owns a GPU will notice everything about it. The card has many tiny parts, such as a processing chip, RAM, coil fan, and copper coils.

Have you ever noticed, after buying a GPU, it comes with an anti-static bag? Well, that’s the thing we need!

If you are lacking packaging elements, you can use them. Here’s how to use an anti-static bag for packaging a GPU.

Step 1

Let’s be honest here, not everyone keeps their GPU boxes with them. But those who keep the carton can easily find an anti-static bag inside it.

If you haven’t kept your GPU box or couldn’t find a bag inside it, you can easily buy an anti-static bag on Amazon and local stores.

Step 2

This is the fun part. Gather or buy some bubble wraps (don’t pop them. We know it’s satisfying). It’s best to wrap the bubble wrap inside out.

But if you already packed your GPU in an anti-static bag and lacking bubble wrap, you have to wrap the bag fully, so the GPU stays in place.

Step 3

Is it enough to move the GPU? No, Not yet! It’s time to pack it in a box. We would suggest you get a durable cardboard box. Make sure it’s not too small and not too big. If you have a hard wooden box lying around somewhere in the garage, that will be better.

Step 4

After finding the perfect box to store the GPU, it’s time to fill the box with packing peanuts. After this step, you’re maximizing the security of the GPU to the highest level.

You can find packing peanuts in any local shop. Also, you can buy this element on Amazon.

If you don’t find packing peanuts, you can also use thick layers of newspaper.

Step 6

It’s time to seal the box. Find a good quality scotch tape to seal the box. This is the most essential part. If you don’t seal the box properly, the GPU can fly around, and the packing peanuts will be all over the place.

Step 7

Carefully transfer the box into the place you want, and by now, you should have a perfect GPU without any damage.


-Don’t rush things. If you do everything in a hurry, you can mess it up quickly.

-While sealing the box with scotch tape, you can keep the end of one side of the scotch tape inside out. This way, you won’t have to struggle opening the box.

-Don’t keep the box in a hot place.

Have you lost your anti-static bag? Here’s what to do

It’s okay if you lose your static bag. Well, some people don’t care about the boxes and throw them away. Also, the bag can be lost in many ways.

If you lost your anti-static bag and still need to ship the GPU, we have the right method for you!

Step 1

Collect bubble wrap and wrap the GPU carefully. Make sure to handle the GPU gently to minimize the chances of damages. Wrap the bubble wrap nicely and don’t put any scotch tape on the GPU.

Step 2

Fill the box with a lot of packing peanuts and if you can’t get your hand on them, ensure to fill the box with newspaper.

First, fill the box half with filling material and then put the GPU on top. Now, fill the wrapped GPU with more material. This way the GPU won’t move while shifting.

Step 3

Lastly, put the box in another well-fitting box and put the previous one in it. This step will prevent any damage from statics and other possible danger.


-Don’t rush things. If you do everything in a hurry you can mess it up quickly.

-While sealing the box with scotch tape, you can keep the end of one side of the scotch tape inside out. This way you won’t have to struggle opening the box.

-Don’t keep the box in a hot place.

-Don’t shake the box after finishing the seal.

-Don’t throw the box, it may damage the GP.

-It’s best to mark the box with a marker.

If you follow the above text with care, you’ll be able to ship a GPU without worrying about the damage. We know how costly a GPU is. We want the best for you.

Final Thoughts

Today in this article, we have shown you how to ship the GPU in the easiest way possible. This method is cheap and less time-consuming. If you follow these steps in the correct order, there’s no chance of damaging the GPU at all.

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