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How to Move Photos to SD Card Galaxy S9?

Samsung S9 provides 64 GB internal storage, and if you find this storage insufficient inserting an SD card in your phone can solve all of your storage problems. However, how to move photos to SD card galaxy S9? Let’s go know, you can transfer all types of videos and pictures to an SD card whether these are newly taken photos or previous ones. SD card is the easiest and most affordable way of increasing your smartphone capacity.

Furthermore, the insertion of an SD increases storage for files, videos, pictures, and even for apps. Samsung Galaxy S9 can support SD cards up to 400 GB storage capacity whereas most phones support 256 GB SD cards.

How to Move Photos to SD Card Galaxy S9?

How to Move Photos to SD Card Galaxy S9

Are you a Samsung Galaxy S9 /S9 plus user and do you want to expand the storage of your phone? Most Android phones give the option of expanding their storage by using a Memory card. Generally, Samsung devices come up with 64 GB of internal storage but you can easily expand your storage by using a micro SD card as they are affordable and easy to use.

How to Move Photos to SD Card Galaxy S9

Moreover, a micro SD card is inserted on the top of your phone in the SIM card tray. There are different types of SD cards available in the market depending upon their storage capacity. After you have added an SD card you will be able to save photos, files, and videos directly to the SD card, not to the internal storage of your phone.

In this article, I will provide you with step by step guide on how to move photos to an SD card galaxy s9.

Moving Photos and Videos to SD Card:

Mostlyandroid phones give you an option of SD cards to cater to your additional storage needs. Furthermore, it is an easy and affordable way of increasing smartphone capacity. Samsung S9 support SD cards up to 400 GB whereas most phone support 256 GB SD cards.

SD card provides additional space for movies, photos, videos, and app data. Additionally, by inserting an SD card, you can transfer all of your phone data to an SD card. Simple settings can help in transferring data from phone to SD card.

1. Changing the camera app setting

2. Transferring already taken pictures to SD card

Changing the Camera App Setting

Usually, the Camera application saves photos based on the available storage, and in most

case scenarios the default setting is phone memory. Changing the phone setting

ensures that the new photos taken are stored in a storage card rather than in

phone memory.

Changing the camera setting will make your work easier and especially when you have micro SD inserted on your phone.

Step1: Open camera app

Open the camera app on your galaxy s9 /s9 plus phone.

Step2: Tap on setting

Tap on the setting icon that is located on the bottom left-hand corner of your

actual camera.

Step3: Go to the storage location

Scroll down till you see storage location by default everything will be set on-device


Step4: Tap on SD card

Now change storage location from Internal storage set to SD card.

After these simple steps camera app will send newly taken pictures and videos into a micro SD card but what about all the previously taken photos and videos. Photos and videos that are already taken are using phone memory so they must be moved over to the memory card as well.

Transferring Already Taken Pictures to SD Card

Transferring Already Taken Pictures to SD Card

Transferring photos and videos from internal memory to an SD card helps to free up space in

your phone. Another advantage is you can easily transfer data to a new device by using the same SD card.

Before moving photos, videos, and other files from the internal storage of the phone

to the SD card make sure your SD card is compatible with your phone. After the SD card is inserted here is the step-by-step guide to transferring data to SDcard.

Step 1: Open Samsung folder

Go to the home screen of your phone and swipe up to view apps on your phone. Tap

on the Samsung folder.

Step2: Tap on my files

Tapon my files that are located in the Samsung folder.

Step3: Tap on Internal storage

When you will tap on internal storage it will take you to the folders.

Step 4: Open DCIM (Digital camera images)

In the Internal storage folder, you will find the DCIM folder that contains camera Images.

Step5: Select files that you want to move

Select any type of file you want to move to an SD card. You can transfer any kind of

file, choose and hold it for a few seconds. You can select one or more or

select all.

Step 6: Tap on the move button

Tap on the move button it is located on the bottom left of the screen.

Step7: Tap SD card

Navigate back to my file folder and select the SD card and navigate the location where you want to move the files, pictures, or videos.

Step 8: Create a DCIM folder

Mostly DCIM folder is not created on the SD card. Create a DCIM folder and move the desired Images to this folder. After selection of DCIM folder tap done. When you select done all your files, videos and moves will be moved to an SD card. now return to the home screen


Samsung S9 galaxy has an internal storage of 64 GB and for additional storage, it supports an SD card as well. In this article, we have discussed different ways of how move photos to SD card galaxy s9. SD card is the easiest, most affordable, and recommended method for data storage. Furthermore, it is recommended to buy an SD card that is compatible with the phone.

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