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How to Log Out of Mail on Mac[Basic Guideline]

Are you a new user of macOS? Unlike iOS of iPhones, navigating through macOS is a bit tough for a Windows user. Especially if that task is related to logging in or out of the mail-in MacOS. New users often face problems similar to this one when they move from using Windows OS to macOS.

Can you relate to the problem I’m stating? Are you facing the same problem? Don’t you know how to log out of mail on Mac? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then this article is just for you.

Since you’re using Mac, you must know that to be able to use the full feature of a Mac, you need to log in with your mail. But often we need to turn off or log out of that mail service for privacy if multiple users are using that device. If you’re facing the same privacy issue and worried about it, then worry not! Because, in this article, I’ll show you three simple ways to log out of your mail on Mac.

3 Methods: How to Log Out of Mail on Mac?

Every technical problem in this world has multiple solutions. This is true for any kind of problem. Even the problem you’re facing. You just need to choose which one. Which one of the solutions is the most appropriate for you in terms of your knowledge, situation, time, and other factors?

For this reason, though everyone prefers the easiest process often those easy processes differ frequently. Even if you have a different version of the same operating system, that process might not match. So, I bring you multiple choices, which, if you follow, you can successfully log out of mail on mac.

Process 1: Using Mail Application (Preferences)

I think this is the simplest way to log out of mail on Mac. Since there are a lot of new options other than what you might see in other operating systems, you might get a little confused. In this process, you will use the mail application software directly to log out of your account in the mail. Now let’s get into it.

Opening the Mail Application: There is several “default” application software that comes with the Mac operating system. The Mail application is one of them. So, your first task is to launch the mail application. You’ll find it on the Launchpad screen. However, if you can’t find it in the launchpad section, you can search it manually by searching for the app through the search bar on the top. Finally, launch the program.

Selecting the ‘Mail’ option: When you launch the mail application, the mail window will open. You will see a lot of options in the top bar of the window. One of them is ‘Mail’. You can find that easily because it is the first option among the others. Once you find it, select it.

Select ‘Preferences: You’ll get a drop-down menu once you select ‘Menu’. There, you’ll find the option ‘Preferences…’. Select it.

Unselecting ‘Enable This Account: A window will pop up after you select ‘preferences’ from ‘mail’. The window will open the default ‘general’. Select the ‘accounts’ tab from the menu bar. You will find a list of accounts, for example, iCloud account, Google account, and so on. Select the account type from there and you’ll find a ‘Enable this account checkbox. You’ll see this box already checked. Uncheck it. Then you’ll see that you’ve successfully logged out of your mail in Mac.

Process 2: Using Mail Application (Accounts)

This is another process by which you can log out by using the mail option. So, let’s get into it.

Opening and selecting the ‘Mail’ option: This is the same as the first two steps of the previous logging-out process. Launch the Mail application software and select the ‘Mail’ option from the menu bar.

Selecting ‘Accounts: A drop-down menu will appear after selecting the Mail option from the menu bar. Select the “Accounts” option. You’ll find it in the 2nd position from the top.

Unchecking mail:When you select ‘Accounts’ from the drop-down menu, a window will pop up in front of you named “Internet Accounts”. Select the appropriate mail domain, for example, Google, iCloud, Yahoo, etc. After that, you can see the list of a few applications where you use that email. Uncheck the box beside the mail. Thus, you are logged out of the mail application.

Process 3: Using Messages Application

I have already shown you two ways of logging out from the mail on Mac. However, this one is different. Why? Because, my friend, in this process, I’m not going to use the mail application. I’ll be using the Messages application to log out mail from macOS. So, let’s get into it.

Opening the Messages application: Though you can find the ‘Messages’ application from the Launchpad, there is a menu bar attached at the bottom of the home page. You can find the Messages app from there and launch it. This is a shortcut for launching the messages application. So, it takes less time to launch it.

Unchecking ‘Enable This Account: This step is similar to what we did in the first process. From the top menu bar, select ‘Messages’. A drop-down menu will appear. From that menu, select ‘Preferences’. You’ll see a new window popping up. Similarly, go to the ‘Accounts’ section. Select your preferred email domain and search for the “Enable this account” checkbox. Uncheck it.

In this process, a dialogue box asking for your email password will come. Enter your password and you’ve successfully been logged out from the Mail.

Final Words

In concern of privacy, every time you go to enable the account, it might ask for your email password. So, no one can activate your account without your permission.

All these processes are alternatives to one another. You can log out of the mail easily by following these steps easily. Now it’s up to you to choose the most appropriate procedure. With these instructions, I guess you can now easily get the answer to your question on how to log out of mail on Mac.

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