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How to Connect Android Phone to TV Using AV Cable Easily

It’s a pain in the head when we attempt to do something to get entertained, and technology fails us. Watching movies is admittedly one of the exciting things. To get that theatre experience, we often connect the device to a big flat-screen TV. If not done correctly, you’ll never succeed in this task. In this article, we will talk about how to connect an android phones to TV using an AV cable. Why AV cables? Well, this is the most prominent and most economical way available. Without uttering any more, let’s get into the tutorials.

Caution: Don’t attempt to mess with the cables before disabling the power cable. Kids must stay away from any of these actions.

how to connect android phone to TV using AV cable

Let’s See How to Connect Android Phone to TV Using AV Cable Easily

In the following section, we have mentioned everything you need to connect your android phone to a smart tv via AV cables. Remember, this method does not work with iPhones.

Things you will need:

  • HDMI – to- composite converter.
  • Av or composite video cable.
  • Authenticate HDMI output in your Android phone.
  • MHL adapter.
  • HDMI OTG cable.
  • Detachable phone charger.
  • Reliable power cable.

Be assured to study the ports before purchasing cables. Some phones and TV may need more distinctive designs than others.

Before you start

Make sure that your TV model is capable of accepting OTG and AV cables. If the TV has to mechanism to recognize the mobile device, the methods won’t work. The same thing applies to smartphones. If the smartphone is not designed to send inputs, these tricks will not work. So, ensure that you have the latest models of TV and smartphone.

First step

First, you have to connect the HDMI OTG to the proper phone. If you are attaching a smartphone from 2017, you are right to go.

After connecting the HDMI OTG, you need to combine the other end of the cable to the converter.

With this step, you are mostly done with the input task.

Second Step

I am sure you are successful in purchasing an AV cable suitable for your phone and Television. Now it’s time to jump into the next step, connecting the converter to the smart TV with the help of an AV or composites cable.

Third Step

This is the fun part, fellas! as kids, we have done this several times. It is time to connect the points in the correct order. If you are not familiar with this, you have to insert the pointy cables into your TV by matching the colors. For further info, the red will go with the red port and the yellow will go with the yellow one. This is easy!

Fourth Step

Lastly, connect the converter HDMI converter to the power cable.

With all of this setup, you can watch your favorite show and movie on your flat-screen TV.

This method is easy and inexpensive so that everyone can work with it.

Moreover, if you find this method confusing, we have other ways to show you in the following

How to connect an Android phone to a TV using an MHL adapter

This method is another quick way to connect a phone screen to a TV. You will need a few things before starting the process.

  • MHL adaptor for your Android smartphone.
  • MHL adaptor for your smart TV.
  • Av cables are required.

After arranging all of the required gadgets, it’s time to assemble.

Connect the first MHL adaptor to your smartphone. After this step, connect another adaptor to HDMI and VGA for your TV. The adaptors will then allow you to join the device to the TV without any problems.

How to connect an Android phone to a TV using the internet

In the world of the internet, everything is easy. It’s like having the world in the palm of our hands. With some taps, we can get news from another country by sitting on the couch. So, how hard is it to connect a phone with the help of the internet? It’s just a few taps away!

Things required:

  • Smart TV that accepts the internet.
  • Wi-Fi connection.

In wise words, this method requires DLNA. With support from the internet, you can use various apps to connect your phone directly to your smart TV in no time. It is super easy and fast as well. Trust us, in this era, the internet is the quickest answer!


With the help of DLNA, most gamers can easily connect their mobile game and play that with a console. If you have a big TV that supports this method, try this out and thank us later!

How to connect an Android phone to a TV using a USB cable

Firstly, you need a suitable phone for this work. The phone you need for this will have a USB 3.0 port. This ensures that you can connect the phone to the TV. For this method, you must need an HDMI to USB. Otherwise, the trick won’t work. It has to meet the requirements. Unfortunately, this will not show you the phone display, but you can effortlessly transfer files from your phone to the TV.

Make your Android phone/tablet a remote for the TV

Many third-party apps can help you turn your android device into a smart control for your smart TV. At the play store, search for “remote control for TV,” and you will find many reliable apps. Make sure to have a good internet connection to make the process faster and smoother.

Best Ways to Stream Movies/Shows from Phone and TV

If you have a premium Netflix account, you can easily stream movies and shows from your phone and TV. There are many illegal ways of watching movies for free, but illicit apps and sites are risky for the user. We recommend subscribing to a premium account of Netflix to enjoy shows and movies legally.

You will be worry-free. Netflix is safe and used by millions of people. It has no history of selling users’ information. Start paying for entertainment, life is more expensive than premium packages.

If you can’t afford premium Netflix, we have a legal way for you.

Legal Way To Watch Shows From Phone To TV

The well-known media management application Plex runs as a DLNA streamer, even though it is not so direct. A Plex server on your computer can help you to stream many music, videos, and pictures and join it with your TV. You can operate the mobile application to survey your library, select the media you want to stream, and send it to your TV with Google Chromecast.

The downside of working with the Plex app is that the computer has to stay connected to the server and a decent internet to run for the whole time. However, Plex does support you to host massive media files even if your phone can’t fit in.


In this article, we have discussed how to connect Android phone to Tv using an AV cable. We have also given some other ways that you can try to succeed in this task. We hope we could help you enough with this essay, goodbye!

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