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How To Clean Rubberized Laptop-Tipswisdom

Moreover, Rubberized coating is used for grip, it also protects the laptop from dust, dent, and scratches. Removing rubber coating with the wrong detergent may cause it to be worsening. So it is recommended to use the right product for cleaning. However, in this article, we can know how to clean rubberized laptop.

Furthermore, there is a rubber case that can be unmounted and easily cleaned. However, the problem comes with a rubberized coating you can clean it with by using Isopropyl alcohol and a household sponge. Isopropyl alcohol is safe to use on your keys as well it evaporates and cleans quite effectively.

You can also deep clean by using simple items that are available in your kitchen like dishwashing liquid. I don’t recommend using a knife for scraping rubber.

How to Clean Rubberized Laptop

Do you have a rubberized laptop and you want to clean it? Electronics are usually fragile and expensive and they require proper cleaning and care. Rubberized laptop surfaces are added for grip it also protects devices from dent, dust, and scratches.

Generally, climatic changes and temperature make a rubberized surface break and become

sticky, tacky, and make the laptop uncomfortable to use. However, there are some simple

ways by which you can clean your laptop easily and improve its functionality.

In this article, I will guide you through simple and easy steps on how to clean a rubberized laptop.

Why Does Rubberized Laptop need to be Cleaned?

Usually, when you have a laptop for a year or two, it requires proper cleaning because dust sinks through fans and prevents the laptop from cooling down properly. Temperature and sunlight make the rubberized surface on the laptop melt and become a sticky substance.

However, cleaning your laptop with a soft wet cloth will remove grease spots but it is not enough to clear the sticky mess. Although some people recommend using talcum powder it’s not a permanent solution for your problem.

Cleaning Rubberized Laptop

Some laptop has rubberized laptop case that can be removed and cleaned without any trouble. All you need to do is unmount the case and clean it with the sponge and cleaning solution. Completely dry it with a tint-free cloth and reinstall the case.

However, cleaning devices with rubber surfaces are a pain. Here are some things that can be of great help.

Things Required

  • Things required for cleaning are as follows
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A soft household dishwashing sponge
  • Baby wipes
  • Lint-free cloth/microfiber towel
  • Cotton swaps/ old toothbrush

Step 1: Remove the battery

how to clean rubberized laptop

Before starting the cleaning process, it is advised to remove the battery and charging cable of the laptop.

Step 2: Apply isopropyl alcohol

Apply isopropyl alcohol

Take isopropyl alcohol that is 90% isopropyl solution. It is easily available from the chemist or hardware store. If isopropyl alcohol is not available, you can use any hand sanitizer with alcohol.

Apply a significant amount of isopropyl solution on the surface with a sticky coating.

Step 3: Rub with dishwashing sponge

Rub with dishwashing sponge

The third step is to take the sponge and start rubbing on the sticky rubber coating. Make sure it is not too wet if you feel that wipe access solution with the towel. Deeply clean through the touchpad and screen.

Moreover, Clean the bezel with the sponge but don’t rub the sponge on the LED screen it can leave marks. Wipe the sponge several times to clean all dirt, stickiness, and grease. If needed, use more isopropyl solution and wipe on it till you get the desired results.

Step 4: Clean the surface with baby wipes

Clean the surface with baby wipes

Now clean the rubbed surface with baby wipes. I recommend Baby wipes as they are super soft and easy to use and remove all the grease on the surface. Moreover, you can use a tweezer and baby wipes to clean the ports as well.

Step 5: Detailed cleaning

Detailed cleaning

For detailed cleaning of the laptop use cotton swaps and an old toothbrush. An old toothbrush is strongly recommended as it gets off the dirt from the nook and edges of the laptop case. Furthermore, it is advised to be gentle on corners while cleaning the screen place a soft cloth under the screen to prevent breaking hinges and LCD ribbon.

Step 6: Drying


Use a lint-free cloth to dry the laptop surface and after that let the deice air dry for a while.

Using household items for cleaning rubberized surfaces

Laptop and other electronics require constant cleaning as rubberized surfaces are caused by age deterioration. Generally, it is easy to clean when deterioration has just started but when things are worsening the only solution is replacing.

Here are some tips that will help you in cleaning by using kitchen supplies.

Baking soda and water mixture

 If the surface is sticky due to rubber deterioration take a small bowl and make a thick paste of baking soda and water and rub` it on the desired surface by using an old toothbrush.

This solution is not recommended on the main laptop body as it can cause damage to hardware.

Using dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing Liquid can be used for cleaning rubber surfaces. All you have to do is take a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a cup of warm water and dip a lint-free cloth and wipe it out on the desired surface. Don’t use it on keys as soapy water may cause damage to hardware.


The rubber coating on the laptop become sticky due to weather and temperature change. This article briefly guides you on how to clean a rubberized laptop. I recommend cleaning rubber coating with an isopropyl alcohol solution as it cleans effectively and evaporates quickly and doesn’t cause any damage to the hardware.

Furthermore, you can use baking soda and water mixture and dishwashing liquid solution for cleaning as well but it can only be used on LED and on its back.

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