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Do You Know How to Charge MacBook Without a Charger?

Well, charging a MacBook or a MacBook Pro with its given charger is easy. You can charge it wherever you want if you carry the charger with you. But what if one fine day, you get some urgent work and leave home with your MacBook without the charger?

What if you forget to take it with you? And what will you do if your MacBook at that moment runs out of battery? In or worst-case scenario, what if your MacBook charger gets damaged? Now that is a problem I don’t want to fall in!

At that moment, what will you do? How will you charge the MacBook? Your problem will be solved if you get away to charge the MacBook even if you don’t have the charger with you! Huh! That easy? Nope! You have to know how to charge MacBook and find a way of doing it without the charger.

All’s well, but do you know how to charge a MacBook without your charger? That is the million-dollar question! But worry not! I will, in this article, will guide you and show you a way by following which you can get out of this problem easily. Want to know more? Read till the last to find out the trick behind charging a MacBook without a charger.

The Secret Explanation on ‘How To Charge MacBook Without a Charger’:

There is a bypass way for every problem in this world. You just need to find the right solution which would best suit you. Finding the best solution needs proper knowledge. So, let me tell you about the charger itself first.

MacBook Charger (Cable and Adapter):

How to charge MacBook

First of all, the MacBook chargers are of a special kind. They’re called MagSafe chargers for a reason. The updated MagSafe chargers are L-shaped towards the direction of computers. The MagSafe power adapters have a power of 60 watts or 85 watts depending on the model of the MacBook. But you can also use another adapter with a higher power, and it won’t create any problem.

The recent updates on the MagSafe charger were that the cables were made thinner to fit a laptop but again wider in the charging area to preserve a magnetic grip. The charger is T-shaped again just like the older versions. You can insert the connector pins in that charger in any orientation.

Charging without MagSafe Chargers:

Charging without MagSafe Chargers

Now that you know a bit more about MacBook chargers, precisely known as MagSafe chargers, you can guess on your own that it’s a bit complicated to charge without the original charger. So, how’re you going to charge it in case of an emergency, and you don’t have the charger with you?

I will show you three simple options that will help you get out of that emergency.

Using a Mobile Charger:

Using External Battery Charger

You might be wondering how it is possible to use a phone charger! On top of that, the charging port configuration, power supply everything a MacBook needs is way more than a mobile charger can supply. Again, how can the charging port match with a mobile charger?

The recent update on the MacBook charging port is similar to the USB Type-C port. It can be of anything. Be it an android phone charger or an iPhone charger. All you need to do is, connect your MacBook with the matched charging port, USB Type-C, and charge it.

By following this process, you can charge it. The phone charger adapter supplies less power and voltage than MagSafe chargers. So, don’t expect the charging speed to be the same as normal MagSafe chargers. Other than that, there will be no issue in charging your MacBook.

Using USB Converters Normally in a PC, a USB 3.0 port is used. So, if you can find a way to connect your MacBook with that USB port of the PC, you will be able to charge your MacBook. Now the question is how!

The simple answer, you can use converters. Converters are pieces of wires with different ends. If you’re going to connect the MacBook with the PC, you’ll need a Type 3.0 to Type-C converter. This converter will have a 3.0 port on one end and the other end will have Type-C. Your MacBook will charge automatically when you connect the PC with the MacBook through that USB 3.0 – USB Type-C converter.

Now, what will you do when you don’t have access to a PC? You can use power banks alternatively. Just as you connect your MacBook with the PC, connect it similarly with the power bank.

Using External Battery Charger:

Using External Battery Charger

You can find several external battery chargers in the market. All you need to do is separate the battery from your MacBook and charge it with those battery chargers. After you’re done charging the battery, put the battery back into your MacBook and use it normally.

Side Effects of Not Using the Appropriate Charger:

Now you know there are several ways following which even if you don’t have the MagSafe charger with you, you can still charge your MacBook. But those steps are not very friendly for your device. You’ll face some side effects. Not immediately, those are gradual degradation in your MacBook’s internal configuration.

See the facts given below for more specific insights:

  • The MacBook battery has an optimum configuration that is supported by the MagSafe chargers. So, when you use other kinds of mobile chargers, that optimum configuration becomes disrupted. As a result, you’ll face battery problems in the long run.
  • As I said before, the mobile chargers or converters cannot supply the MacBook with enough power. So, the charging rate will be very slow.
  • The USB Type-C port of your MacBook will start to damage if you use other chargers to charge it regularly.

Final Verdict

Since you wanted to know about how to charge MacBook without a charger, I’ve given you a solution to your problem. Even though there are ways to charge your MacBook even if you don’t have your MagSafe charger, you should collect it quickly for more efficiency and durability.

The internal configuration MacBook gets disrupted without its original charger. So, you might face more problems in the future. All the solutions I’ve shown you, are better for only temporary use. You can use them but not for long if you want to save your MacBook from getting dysfunctional. Therefore, I recommend you collect your MagSafe charger as soon as you can.

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