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Difference Between Gaming Mouse And Regular[Expert’s Guide]

Many of us who are passionate about the game, love to set up a gaming PC. No doubt, we choose all of the components of our PC most carefully to optimize for our gameplay. However, in many cases, we often forget to buy a geometry dash gaming mouse. Because many of us think that it will not add any extra value. If you don’t know what’s the difference between gaming mouse and regulars, I am here today to tell you about this.

In this article, I will explain all the differences between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse. Stay with me throughout the article to remain updated about it.

Difference Between Gaming Mouse And Regular Mouse: Differences Between Them

I mentioned earlier there are some major differences between both types of mice. As the name suggests, a gaming mouse is specially designed to give you the best user experience in your gameplay. Below, I will discuss every major area where both types of mice differ from each other.

Sensor: When you talk about a regular mouse, an optical sensor is used in it. But, in most gaming mice, laser sensors are used. Of course, you may also find gaming mice that come with optical sensors as well. Due to the optical sensors, a gaming mouse will give you a more accurate user experience.

Because when it comes to laser sensors, they come with a higher level of DPI (Dots Per Inch). DPI determines how far your mouse cursor will be moved on screen when you move your mouse for a specific length. Mouse with higher DPI comes with a higher level of sensitivity, which is important for a better gaming experience.

Polling Rate: The polling rate is an important factor for any mouse. It is determined by the rate of data transfer between the mouse and the computer about the position of the mouse. Typically, the unit of the polling rate is Hertz (Hz). If you want to know more specifically, if your mouse has a faster polling rate, its response time will be faster. So, the amount of input lag will be reduced.

However, the higher the polling rate is, the higher the consumption of resources by the mouse. Not to mention, these days it is not a problem at all. When you talk about a regular mouse, it has a polling rate of 125Hz. But, when you talk about a gaming computer mouse, its polling rate is usually up to 1000Hz. So, a gaming mouse will give you better performance compared to the regular one.

Mouse Software: Another key differentiating factor between a gaming mouse and a standard one is the mouse software. Many manufacturers are building innovative gaming software these days. So, now you can easily adjust the DPI of your mouse as per your mouse’s capacity by using the software. You can also adjust the color of the RGB lighting by using the software properly.

On top of that, you can also adjust the polling rate or even the acceleration of the mouse by using relevant software. The functions of the button mouse can also be adjusted by mouse software. All these adjustments are necessary to improve your gaming experience. However, if you talk about a standard mouse, in most cases, it doesn’t support software.

Mouse Grips: In a regular mouse, you will find only a palm grip. But, in a gaming mouse, you’ll find a total of three types of grips. You’ll have the full freedom to choose one. You already know about the palm grip. The other two grips are claw grip and fingertip grip. Palm grips are most commonly n used in most mice.

In this type of mouse grip, you will put your palm on the lower area of the mouse. But your fingers will be resting on the buttons of the mouse. It is widely used by most users all over the world. However, unfortunately, it is not the most precise grip you can ever have. Most of the gamers use claw grip instead.

You can move the cursor swiftly, and the reactions will be faster as well. The last grip is fingertip grip. Here you will get the most precise click. However, it is difficult to sweep faster while using this grip. While you choose your grip as you want, a gaming mouse will give you the full freedom to choose the best option for you.

Construction and Design: Gaming Mice are specially built with superior quality materials. So, they offer an extended level of durability. Typically, they can sustain rough wear and tear during your gameplay. Besides, in most cases, you’ll get 1 or 2 years of warranty period. However, it depends on the terms and conditions of the manufacturer.

Regular mice come with a standard design and offer you a palm grip. But, when you talk about gaming mice, they will offer you different types of designs. You can choose your preferred type of grip to get the best gaming experience.

Buttons and Additional Weights: Many gaming mice come with additional buttons. Those buttons are mainly located at the side of the mouse. You can assign macro functions to those buttons. No wonder they will help you to outperform your competitors in any tough game.

But, typically a regular mouse lacks those additional buttons. Besides, there are some gaming mice that will allow you to put additional weights into them. This phenomenon will help you to get better control over your mouse. However, it is not in the case of a regular mouse.

Final Words

There is no doubt that for a passionate gamer, everything that improves gaming performance matters a lot. When it comes to a gaming mouse, it can give you many competitive advantages in your gameplay.

Unfortunately, a regular mouse may not be able to give you everything you want. In this article, I tried to give you a clear idea about the difference between a gaming mouse vs regular mouse. I hope, now you know why you need a gaming mouse to improve your overall gaming experience.



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