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Top 6 Best Makeshift Mousepad – A Complete Buying Guide

Everyone with a computer needs a mousepad especially if you are using a gaming mouse, but not always you can get one in stock. So, until your favorite mousepad arrives you can use these which are the best makeshift mousepads for the smoothness you deserve. These mousepads will have an amazing feel to them even if they are temporary. Why is a makeshift mousepad important you ask? Well first of … Read more

5 Best RAM For Video Editing [Reviews & Buying Guide]

When you want to upgrade your existing PC or wish to buy a new one, you must consider some factors. If you are someone who works in the videography industry, an ordinary PC and RAM may not be able to give you the best performance. That is why you need the best RAM for video editing. Otherwise, you will end up doing poor performance. Now, choosing the right product is … Read more

Best Keyboard For Starcraft 2 [Expert’s Guide in 2021]

Only a true gamer can understand the importance of a gaming keyboard. When it comes to Starcraft 2, you must perform seamlessly in your entire gameplay. In that case, you must get the best keyboard for Starcraft 2. Because those keyboards are specially designed only for giving you the best user experience. But, the truth is choosing the best quality product is not an easy fish to fry. You must … Read more

Difference Between Gaming Mouse And Regular[Expert’s Guide]

Many of us who are passionate about the game, love to set up a gaming PC. No doubt, we choose all of the components of our PC most carefully to optimize for our gameplay. However, in many cases, we often forget to buy a geometry dash gaming mouse. Because many of us think that it will not add any extra value. If you don’t know what’s the difference between gaming … Read more

Server CPU Vs Desktop CPU [Explore the Key Differences]

A desktop CPU is specially designed for desktops. Typically, this kind of CPU is built into a desktop computer. So, they are not majorly heated as they come with enough fans to create cooling airflow. When it comes to a server, it is a system that is specially designed to provide necessary resources, data, or programs to other computers. The entire sharing process is conducted over a network. Now, both … Read more

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Top 5 Best Motherboard for VR – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Entertainment has become much more than our ancestors could imagine and now it has reached stages of VR or Virtual Reality. It is a simulated experience that can be either similar or different from our world. Even though widely known to be used for the best motherboard for VR is also used for education or business purposes such as medical or flight training and virtual meetings. This opens new limits to … Read more

How to Play Osu with Mouse And Keyboard?

OSU is one of the most popular rhythm games in the world. There are many ways to play the game. You can play it with a mouse only or using a mouse and keyboard. Even it can be played on the touch screen as well. This article will tell you how to play osu with mouse and keyboard. Read on to know about every step correctly. How to Play OSU … Read more

Do I Need A Gaming Mouse?-Let’s Find It Out

If you are a gamer or have a passion for gaming, most probably you have a custom-built gaming PC. Many believe a gaming PC is pretty much useless if you don’t have a gaming mouse. But, do I need a gaming mouse? “A gaming mouse is specially designed to give you a seamless gaming experience. The main difference you may notice in a gaming mouse from an ordinary mouse is … Read more

Top 5 Best CPU for Server of 2021- [Reviews & Buying Guide]

A CPU is the most important component of a PC. To run a server that has to be active all the time, you need the best CPU for server. Now, it is quite hard to find a CPU in the market. There are lots of brands and tons of models of CPUs you can get. What to consider while buying a CPU that you will be using for running your … Read more

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Top 7 Best FM2 CPU for Gaming [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Both the best FM2 and best fm2+ processors are reportedly very good for gaming, hence it is sought after by gamers, both new and experienced. Of course, depending on each user’s needs, the type of GPU and CPU considered to be the best FM2 CPU or fm2+ best CPU varies. Additionally, the socket FM2+ is marketed to last the user through 50 CPU replacements. While both FM2 and FM2+ are … Read more

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