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Top 6 Best Cpu for Programming & Gaming Reviews of 2021

If you are looking forward to starting your programming journey, whether it be with Java, Python, or C++, along with your choice of the best CPU for programming and gaming¬†this is the right place to find one. We have gathered a list that just might provide you with your perfect choice of processor ideal for the job. Programming has played a huge part in helping us advance this forward into … Read more

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Top 7 Best AM3 CPU in 2021-[Review & Buying Guide]

Initially released in 2009 by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), AM3 is a socket architecture aimed for both desktop computers and laptop processors which are found on motherboards. Using this socket AM3, the processors run on multiple cores and threads and support even 3.5 GHz of speed. With such features and enhanced speed, the machine is preferred by many who want their processing tasks fast but particularly by those who are … Read more

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How to Clean Thermal Paste off CPU Pins?

How to clean thermal paste off CPU pins? Let’s go know, Thermal paste is a chemical compound that works by conducting heat around the area it is applied on, working as a thermal conductor maximizing heat transfer and spread to reduce the overall temperature. Most of the processing units of a computer system come with thermal compounds like paste, for example, pre-applied on them; as well as the coolers for … Read more

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