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6 Best SSD For Boot Drive Options In 2021 [Exclusive Reviews]

There is no denying that a good quality SSD will bring seamless performance, reliability, and stability to your PC. But, it’s quite tricky to choose the best SSD for boot drive. Because you need to do a lot of product research and you may also need industry expertise to find the best one. Besides, the market is saturated with poor-quality products. That’s why we are here today with our exclusive … Read more

Top 5 Best Wireless Charger For Otterbox Defender of 2021

No one will deny that a wireless charger can make the charging of smart devices more comfortable. Now you can charge up to 3 devices if you have the right product. Even you can charge your phone through the case. But, choosing the best wireless charger for otterbox defenders is quite challenging. Because the market is saturated with all poor quality products. That is why we are here today with … Read more

Top 6 Best Non Gaming Headphones For Gaming of 2021

Headphones are a crucial part of gaming.  Without a decent headset, you can’t experience the game you play very often. If you are into FPS (first-person shooter) games, headphones are a must accessory that you need. Now, there are gaming headphones in the market that come with a price tag that makes you say hallelujah! Most starting gamers look for the best non gaming headphones for gaming that come at … Read more

How To Install App From SD Card?[Easy Installation Process]

We all know the fact that the size of internal storage in gadgets is reducing with time. This is going down at the same rate as the size of the computer and laptop systems. Although this storage is still enough for some people, some require an additional store. This is why they use an SD card that can know about how to install app from SD Card? so that they … Read more

How to Sign Out of Google Play – Simple Tips

Google play store is considered a hub of applications for android users. Furthermore, google play store have millions of application that are free or for minimal cost. However, In this article, I will guide you on how to sign out of google play. Moreover, the Google play store is convenient and easy to use. The only requirement for signing in is your Gmail account. The main problem is when you … Read more

Yahoo Mail Sign Out of All Devices – Best Solutions

There are instances when we need to open our Yahoo mail on devices other than our ones. In such cases, Yahoo mail becomes prone to hacking and other issues. It became a source of compromise for you because you usually lose it before getting back. This problem mainly arises because yahoo mail users forget to sign out after using it on an unknown device. They just shut down the window … Read more

How to Move Photos to SD Card Galaxy S9?

  Samsung S9 provides 64 GB internal storage, and if you find this storage insufficient inserting an SD card in your phone can solve all of your storage problems. However, how to move photos to SD card galaxy S9? Let’s go know, you can transfer all types of videos and pictures to an SD card whether these are newly taken photos or previous ones. SD card is the easiest and … Read more

How to Unsync iPhone from iPad -[Easiest Way]

Did your kid synced your iPhone to his/her iPad, and now you don’t know how you can unsync it? Here’s the perfect solution for you fellas. Do you know how many devices you can sync to your iPhone? You can sync 10 devices to your iPhone. Sometimes many occasions come when you have to unsync your iPhone from the iPad. Maybe you have to sell the phone or you have … Read more

How to Connect Android Phone to TV Using AV Cable Easily

It’s a pain in the head when we attempt to do something to get entertained, and technology fails us. Watching movies is admittedly one of the exciting things. To get that theatre experience, we often connect the device to a big flat-screen TV. If not done correctly, you’ll never succeed in this task. In this article, we will talk about how to connect android phone to TV using AV cable. … Read more