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Top 6 Best Mouse for StarCraft 2 of 2021? Tell Me More

Playing StarCraft 2? Having trouble with your ordinary mouse? Well, you may my friend, have come to the right place on the internet to find yourself the best mouse for StarCraft 2.

For those of you who are not familiar, StarCraft 2 is a competitive, plan of action game, played with opponents in real-time.

And for those who already know about the game and are in the market for a new mouse to improve your gameplay, we have listed 6 budget-friendly mice that will help you without breaking your bank. Read on and you might just find the best gaming mouse for StarCraft 2 suited towards you.

If you are still considering whether to invest in a gaming mouse, let us see what options a gaming mouse can offer when compared to a regular mouse. When it comes to gameplay the gaming mouse offers a better user experience than the latter.

From the specialized placement of buttons to increased DPI, the features of a gaming mouse give the gamer a boost and enhances their performance overall. The mouse offers more features that you can read below.

In a Hurry Up (it is rather a fast world); Best Mouse for Starcraft 2

Here is our selected list of mice for StarCraft 2:

Before you decide to buy a mouse for StarCraft you need to know about the StarCraft mouse details. how does it work, if it is worth it for you? in this article you will get a clear idea about the perfect mouse for StarCraft.

1.UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

best mouse for StarCraft 2

This mouse surprisingly provides advanced features for its price range. Built to provide 16400 DPI and cursor velocity of up to 150 in/s, the device offers great precision. For new users uncomfortable with high sensitivity, it has the bonus of being able to customize the feature and alter it to anywhere between 200 and 16400, with the help of mouse buttons.

The developers of the mouse also had the aesthetics of a modern-day setup in mind as the RGB backlight can be set to change colors uniformly, with a variety of 16 million color options. Additionally, its 12 angled side buttons can each be optimized, which if programmed correctly can cater keyboard shortcuts and much more, to your very fingertips.

After usage, however, we found the bottom two rows of buttons required shifting of the thumb from the resting position. We would say little muscle memory is required before the clicking of buttons become swift and almost a reflex.

Thinking this might just be able to provide the best mouse settings for StarCraft 2? Well, there is more. The bottom of the mouse is equipped with a circular plate where the user can add or reduce weights into the inserts as they please.

Without any extra weights, the mouse itself weighs 150g. The packaging consists of a weight storing cartridge which prevents the weights from getting misplaced easily. A textured grip also improves the physicality of the mouse and avoids slipping through the user’s hand.

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2.ROCCAT KONE Pure Owl-Eye

best gaming mouse for StarCraft 2

Equipped with an owl-eye optical sensor the ROCCAT KONE Pure Owl-Eye weighs only 88g. The DPI can be adjusted to anywhere between 100 and 12000 even in the middle of a heated game, as there are plus and minus buttons below the scroll wheel.

The maximum DPI is 12000 DPI. There are 2 buttons for increasing or decreasing the DPI, right under the scroll wheel for easy access, without the need of entering a different application or even much movement of the fingers.

For the other 5 buttons, with easy shift technology adjacent functions can be added. These functions are limited to a number of 17 and are activated with a click of the two buttons on the side.

Like the previous mouse, this one also has a color-changeable RGB backlight, a ROCCAT signature logo on the bottom, slight right side of the mouse. The wire to the device comes with a length of 180 cm and offers extra durability due to the flexible braided cable.

When using the mouse we found the ergonomic shape a little hard to get used to, this was also a common opinion when we asked a few others who had their fair share of experience with this mouse. That being said, once the user gets comfortable, the shape adds to having a good gaming experience.

The shape supports the palm grip, the claw grip, as well as the fingertip grip, so whichever is thrown at it, the feedback will exceed the user’s expectations and provide them the comfort of a favorite mouse.

Additionally, it has one of the finest scroll wheels we have seen. With a modified Pixart PMW 3361 sensor, the device withholds jitter, prediction, and acceleration like no other.

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3.Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

The Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming mouse comes in two colors, a classic black, and a mercury white. The latter, quite catching to the eye, has a matte finish and is liked by many. This offers a more sophisticated look, preferred at office space or even an all-white gaming station. Both the color options have the scrolling wheel and the Razer logo on the bottom center light up.

Coming from a reputable brand, gamers swear by Razer’s product reliability and durability, and use them around the globe professionally. The hyper response buttons both feel and sound great, enhancing a true gamer experience along with the ergonomics of the mouse.

Built to support a medium to large hand, people in this range find joy with this mouse as the market has little to no products aimed towards them. Each button, along with the two on the left side, can be programmed independently.

The buttons on the side sit perfectly under the right thumb, this does not require much thumb movement when in the middle of an intense game and with a little practice can speed up a gamer’s response time impeccably.

Weighing at 94g and with 6400 DPI, and the ridged scroll wheel makes the mouse a good package that delivers control and ease, necessary when it comes to having a good gaming experience.

The cable proves to be a small issue here as the plastic is rather stiff and provides a slight drag. By showing the product box one can claim a warranty for up to 2 years after the date of purchase.

This is a good mouse for beginners who want to keep it simple, and for casual gamers. If you are seeking better control and movement, pairing this up with a good mouse pad or even the best mouse pad for StarCraft 2 would be a good idea.

The razer products are always good. It comes with a variety of choices and options to choose from. We suggest you read the whole essay, but if you are in a hurry the Razer DeathAdder essential gaming mouse is the choice to make.

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4.Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

best mouse for StarCraft 2

It is not a surprise that Razer has another product lined up on this list. Coming from a reputable and long-time trusted brand, the Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse is known for its super lightweight and ambidextrous architecture.

The ambidextrous part is a huge plus in our opinion as there are not many gaming products that serve people who mainly work with their left hand. Yes, the left and right keys of a mouse can be switched, but many times the design itself is what proves to be a discomfort.

With the uniform design and mirror sides, this product can be used by anyone regardless of which hand they prefer to operate with while gaming.

Weighing at a mere 61g and with 8500 DPI this is for gamers who like their mice light, for easy and fast movement, without putting much strain on the wrists. The lightweight also helps when playing competitive, this is where even the smallest factors in one’s favor decide who wins.

Furthermore, the Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse uses light beam-based actuation. This means that the clicks on a switch are recorded faster than a typically used mechanical mouse, while also translating to better control.

Along with its drag-free cable, this truly is a mouse that promises to provide the least amount of friction possible, which lets the user move to their best speed.

The mouse has 6 buttons available for independent programming of complex macro functions with the help of the Razer Synapse 3. As for the visuals, the mouse has the company logo on the bottom center which lights up along with the bottom underside.

The Chroma RGB has 16.8 million options for color combinations, which include some preset profiles. The underside lighting gives off a floating look that appears different when compared to the common market of gaming mice.

The heading really says it all. The well-reputed brand Razer has always been the favorite of many professionals globally. With the ambidextrous design and weighing only 61g, competitors can use this mouse instead of drilling holes to lighten their mouse.

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5.Redragon M601 RGB Gaming Mouse

mouse for StarCraft 2

The Redragon M601 is advertised for its durability over long periods and offers flexible DPI options up to 7200 DPI along with 4000 FPS. With the mouse having both high precision sensor and macro switches, it provides the user with pinpoint accuracy, flawless response, longevity, and endurance.

Fast movement and repeated attacks are necessary while playing StarCraft 2, or even when it comes to first-person shooter (FPS) games. It really is everything a competitive gamer wants, and more. These are also requirements needed while doing editing work.

The package does not seem to end here, the ergonomic shape of the mouse sits under the palm without any effort and has a bonus of utmost comfort. Moreover, the buttons are tuned to minimize click fatigue. With such a design, the target audience includes people who tend to use the mouse for long hours, whether it be work or play.

Features of this mouse seem to go on and on and meet those of a high-end MMO gaming mouse. It has 6 programmable buttons in total, 2 on the left side, and 3 memory profiles equipped with macro recording.

With its weight tuning set, the mouse can be partially adjusted to weigh to the user’s liking, each piece weighs 2.4g and the set comes with 8 pieces. Many times gamers often wish their mouse “was a tad bit lighter”, or “just the tiniest bit heavier”.

The weight tuning set offers a good solution, instead of repeating the cycle of trying to look for the perfect mouse in the market. The mouse also comes with an anti-skid scroll wheel.

Like the other mice on this list, this one too has an RGB backlight that is programmable through its Redragon software. The RGB backlight offers 11 lightning effects, including breathing, and each of the 5 DPI modes can be set to light up the mouse differently.

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6.PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired

best mouse for StarCraft 2

Upon 7200 DPI and 4 polling rates, the PICTEK Gaming mouse provides the user with an exceptional gaming experience.

Following the previous mouse, this one too has the option of increasing or decreasing the DPI with the help of two buttons beneath the scroll wheel and is preset with 5 DPI levels: 1200, 2400, 3500, 5500, and 7200.

With the buttons being just below the scroll wheel, it already gives the ease of adjusting the DPI super quick, but the ability to alter the polling rate is a boost offered uniquely by the PICTEK Gaming Mouse in this list.

With the 4 rates of 125, 250, 500, and 1000Hz, along with its high precision optical sensor, the mouse gives smooth and very quick feedback, faster and more precise than that of an ordinary mouse. While testing this mouse the last factor made many consider the PICTEK the best mouse for StarCraft 2.

The mouse sports 7 buttons, each macro programmable via the PICTEK gaming software. The package includes the driver disk that is supported by a wide variety of operating systems, including Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and by Linux.

It also has a clean finish to it, with a cool LED backlight, along the front underside, the top middle, and both sides of the mouse, as well as the company logo on the bottom center. The LED comes with 16 million customizable color options, including breathable, and a button on the bottom of the mouse in case one does not want the backlight to light up.

A recurring factor in this list is the ergonomic shape of the mouse, as it appears again in the PICTEK gaming mouse.

The mouse is symmetrical and the ergonomic design supports a claw and firm grip perfectly and is advertised to not cause fatigue even after long-term use. With a lifespan of 30 million clicks and PICTEK’s promised customer service within 12 hours, this beast should be able to serve its owner for a very long time if used properly.

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Advantages of StarCraft 2

We believe playing StarCraft 2 improves one’s planning abilities and builds good reflexes. Due to the sudden attacks, the gamer must think quickly to both defend and maybe even counterattack. Creativity is exercised and so are communication skills.

Disadvantages of StarCraft 2

Like all games, StarCraft 2 is easy to get addicted to. One must refrain from playing constantly and take breaks. Self-hygiene and food are some things most people easily forget about when all they can think of is their gaming addiction.

Choosing the Right Tools

Yes, the mouse is important, as mentioned throughout the article. Fast, precise, and properly registered clicks are necessary for the game. However, various keyboard keys are also needed to direct commands, such as the arrow keys, shift, ctrl, enter, and many more.

A good set of both or we can say that the best mouse and keyboard for StarCraft 2 would be the top choice if one wants to perform greatly in the game.

The Buyer’s Guide for Best Mouse For Sc2

When in the market for a new mouse it does not take much to get overwhelmed by the endless choices and offers put on the table.

A good way is to list down what is required by the game or work and what the mouse is lacking to provide. Down below we have gathered a list that you need to consider before buying a mouse for StarCraft 2.


Brand matters a lot in this case. Even though there are many underrated brands that make good mice, a branded it depends on which mouse is capable of fulfilling your gaming needs.


Weight depends on what the user is comfortable with. A user may feel good with light mice when another person might prefer heavier mice. For more simplicity, a lighter mouse requires less effort and it results in quick movements. On the other side, a heavier mouse needs more effort for movements so it moves a bit slower. It totally depends on what you prefer.


If you have a small hand, you should look for smaller mice. Some companies make mini versions of their original mouse. This is the exact opposite when you have a bigger hand.

DPI and Sensors:

DPI or dot per inch determines how fast your cursor would move. There are mice that can get from 400 to 3200 DPI. And you need good quality sensors or optical sensors for minimal latency and faster reactions.


If you want to keybind mouse buttons, you should also consider mouse buttons. The majority of mice come with two buttons on a side but there are mice with more buttons. They all should be programmable.


You need a mouse with an intelligent mechanism and a comfortable design. If a mouse isn’t comfortably designed you won’t be able to play with the mouse for long times.


DO not cheap out while buying a mouse. A mouse is just like every other essential gadget we use on a daily basis. Consider a mouse as a cell phone. Do not cheap out on a mouse. If you can save up a little bit more buy the better one.


What is The Mouse for StarCraft 2?

In StarCraft 2 repeated clicking is necessary and they need to be registered. A good mouse to play this game should register the clicks quickly and efficiently.

It should move as fast as the user’s hand, without much lag or friction. The mouse in StarCraft 2 is needed to select units or buildings, as well and throwing attacks and moving without engaging with enemies.

Are these mice only for playing StarCraft 2?

No. The ones with fast movement and high precision can also be used for first-person shooter games. The PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired for example would be a good choice.

Will these mice break my bank?

No. We know that other than professionals, most gamers play casually. Our aim was to list affordable options that do not disappoint.

How do I know what to pick as a beginner?

Personal preference plays a huge part here. We would advise you to start playing with whatever mouse and keyboard you have at home and see what you are missing to perform well. Come back to this article again and see which mouse offers you the solution.

Final Verdict

With games blowing up one after another, our hobbies might keep changing or we may stick to one game longer than others. StarCraft 2 became a favorite pastime for many and here we are searching for better equipment, looking for the best mouse for StarCraft 2.

Gear matters when trying to get better performance, sometimes that is what holds us back from showing our full potential. So if we should spend to get something ordinary, why not spend to get the best?

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