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Top 5 Best Mouse for Osu of 2022

According to many players, playing osu with a normal mouse is not the best choice. They prefer ad choose the best mouse for osu from the market to play the game comfortably and get a good score. However, Osu! What a fun game to play, no? For someone who loves music and likes to play rhythm related games would be obsessed with it!

As we all know, that osu! Is somewhat competitive. If you can achieve the score, your name might get on the score list. It is a fun game to play, and surely you want to get good at the game. Now you might wonder, where to find the best mice for osu? We got you friend because we have researched and tested 10 mice to play osu and found out the top 5 to play osu best mouse. So, if you are looking for an affordable mouse to play osu and other games like Minecraft keep reading.

Here Is The List of The Top 5 Best Mouse for Osu:

Spoiler alert! In this hurry-up section, we are going to reveal the BEST mouse from the entire list. This mouse got its place by meeting all of the necessities. This list is made from real-life experiences by various gamers and streamers.

  • SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless Mouse
  • Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse
  • HyperX Pulsefire Dart RGB Mouse
  • Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced  Mouse
  • Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Mouse

So, now we can discuss briefly various products and choose the best one.

Our Top Pick
1. SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎2.69 x 5.16 x 1.7 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎5.8 ounces
  • The Manufacturer: ‎SteelSeries APS
  • Item Model Number: ‎62456
  • Country of Origin: ‎‎China

As we all know, osu requires consistent clicks every second. Can a normal mouse handle these types of heavy use? No. Any normal mouse would break, and cause you to lose many points. Now, the SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum wireless gaming mouse is offering the exact things you need in a mouse. The mouse has quantum technology that ensures an accurate, lag-free, and reliable performance.

Moreover, the mouse is wireless. If you have a decent Mouse pad, the mouse will glide like butter spreads on a piece of bread. It has a 24+ hours battery life with a full charge. If you are in a hurry, charge it for 10-15 minutes, you’ll be able to run the mouse for 10+ hours.

For the optical sensor, TrueMove3+ provides true 1 to 1 tracking along with a secondary depth sensor that takes care of the lift-off distance control movement. This will not only help you get better at osu but it will also help you in fps shooting games. If you are looking for the best mouse for fps gaming, this can be a choice.

What Makes the Mouse Worth the Price:

  • Has cool-looking RGB lights that will add a futuristic vibe to your setup.
  • You can glide the mouse on the mousepad with freedom from wires.
  • The battery life is incredible and lasts longer than you expect.
  • Ergonomic and has every essential button.
  • Easy to click and fast response.
  • A decent tracker that will help you aim better.
  • You can play other games as well.
2. Razer Naga Trinity – Chroma Gaming Mouse

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: 4.69 x 2.93 x 1.69 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎0.176 ounces
  • The Manufacturer: ‎Razer Inc.
  • Item Model Number: RZ01-02410100-R3U1-cr

If you are a potential gamer, you know the brand Razer. This brand is known to be one of the best brands for gaming parts and accessories. Now let’s talk what about Razer Naga Trinity – Chroma gaming mouse has to offer.

This mouse comes with an incredibly accurate 16,000 (Sixteen thousand) DPI (dots per inch) optical 5G sensor which is insane for a mouse. It has up to 19 completely programmable buttons. You can use these buttons when you are playing a game that requires lots of movement and clicks. By keybinding, you can do many things with just the mouse.

The mouse is also comfortable to use and easy to learn. When it comes to osu, 16,000 DPI is incredible. You will be able to hit so many points and increase your skill.

We have used the mouse and talked to many professional gamers about their experience with the Razer Naga trinity. If you can’t make decisions, trust us on this one. You will not regret buying this one! In the following part of this article, we have elaborated on the mouse in detail. To learn more, keep reading.

Although Razer Trinity Naga – Chroma Gaming Mouse is the first choice for a hurry decision, we have made top to bottom list.

What makes the mouse worth the price:

  • A reliable brand that is known by everyone in the gaming community.
  • It has multiple (19) buttons that you can program for multitasking.
  • It is best for right-handed from factor.
  • The stylish-looking mouse will fit into any aesthetics.
  • It also has a good and durable wire that will last years.
  • This mouse is also durable it can take millions if click over the years.
  • The sensor is amazing cause it’s going to help you with improving your aim.
  • This mouse is also good for Minecraft.
3. HyperX Pulsefire Dart – Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎4.9 x 2.9 x 2.3 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎5.3 ounces
  • The Manufacturer: ‎HyperX
  • Item Model Number: ‎HX-MC006B
  • Country of Origin: ‎‎China

HyperX Pulsefire Dart mouse is quite decent for playing osu. It is smooth and ergonomic. HyperX is also a well-known brand for good mice. If you are looking for an affordable mouse to play osu, this might be it. The mouse is also wireless which gives you free rein for gaming and gliding the mouse.

What about battery life? After charging the mouse fully, you’ll be able to use it for 50+ hours. The premium Pixart 3389 sensor is amazing. It will give you a smooth and lag-free experience as well. But is it better than Razer Naga trinity? No.

As we osu players know, this game requires a lot of clicking. For this, we need a durable mouse and like all mice on this list, HyperX is also quite durable.

What Makes the Mouse with the Price:

  • The mouse is quite durable and has a good weight. It’s not too light or too heavy.
  • The mouse has RGB lights which will add some style to your whole setup.
  • The sensor will help you to improve in osu and some other games.
  • The mouse is wireless and it is best for users that have to move their hands a lot.
  • The body of the mouse is enjoyable to handle. It has some texture that will help you to grip better.
4. Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎5.51 x 5.51 x 6.89 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎5 ounces
  • The Manufacturer: ‎Logitech
  • Item Model Number: ‎910-005647

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced osu wireless mouse is quite stylish looking. It has RGB lights and a fascinating design which makes the mouse look so cool. The mouse is also great for osu, well, that’s the goal!

The mouse is blessed with a 4000 DPI which is great for an affordable mouse. The mouse also comes with multiple buttons that are programmable.  This mouse will also help you with aiming. It’s a win-win situation.

You can change the LED colors. There are 4 million fancy colors to choose from! 4 million! The mouse is also a long-time user friendly. It will cause no fatigue whatsoever.

What Makes the Mouse Worth the Price:

  • The mouse is stylish it has many LED colors to choose from.
  • It comes with 4000 DPI for a lag-free experience.
  • The reliable quality will last a long time.
  • Can handle any type of click.
  • You can use this mouse for other fps games, other than osu.
5. Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎1.59 x 2.62 x 5.13 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎3.88 ounces
  • The Manufacturer: ‎‎Logitech
  • Item Model Number: ‎910-005670

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse is undoubtedly the number one best selling mouse. Why didn’t we suggest this in a hurry-up? Well, it has fewer programmable buttons which are not horrible but is something that you can use. This mouse has a Hero sensor (25k) through a G Hub software update.

This mouse is another well-known to those who are playing competitive games for a long time. This gaming mouse is both smart and ergonomic. Because this is a hurry-up section we won’t be discussing much. Scroll down to see what makes the mouse worth it.

It also has 1:1 tracking, ips (400+) 100 to 25,600 maximum DPI sensitivity. The mouse is also wireless, the battery will last 140 hours with the LED lights on and 150 hours without LED lights syncing. One of our colleagues uses this mouse and has us quite a bit of review. In his opinion, this is one of the best mouse dpi for osu he has used so far.

  • A well-known brand that makes the mouse trustable.
  • You can glide the mouse cause it is wireless and smooth.
  • You can have full control of the mouse.
  • Used by many streamers and gamers.
  • One of the best mice we would suggest you buy.
  • You can play any FPS game with this mouse.
  • It has multiple programmable buttons that can help you with many clicking.

What Should I Look for in a Good Mouses for Osu?

Osu has a big amount of players! No one downloaded the game and started to play like legends. It takes practice and a good setup. Sometimes you are good at something but you don’t have an appropriate accessory to improve or keep up with your muscle memory. You need a good mouse to play osu. Some people play this game with a tablet, but the mouse is more fun and efficient. So, what do you need to see while buying a mouse for osu? Let us tell you.

Make sure that the mouse meets some conditions.

  • Ergonomic design,
  • Multiple buttons,
  • Good sensor,
  • Good tracker,
  • Durability,
  • A good number of DPI.
  • Quick response time.
  • It is a good mouse for osu

The style is the last thing, but why not get the best osu mouse with some style right? It feels like playing with lights when you have RGB! You absolutely need a durable mouse. It will ensure the long life of the mouse and you don’t have to buy a new mouse after a month. So, if you’re looking for a durable mouse you can give our list a try.

The list we have made for you has the mice that meet the conditions you need. The mice are durable, used by professionals and many coaches suggest you these mice. We also used the mouse cause we love gaming! Every mouse is unique and has some pros and cons but overall it’s all good!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Osu Improves Your aim. Myth or True?

Osu requires a lot of attention. You need to look everywhere in a short time and hit the notes continuously. In FPS shooting games, this is a similar thing. In this era, we have aimlabs which help you to improve at aiming. But, osu has music and rhythm that makes it more fun.

It helps you with aiming you just have to match the sensitivity you use to play shooting games. We have asked some gamers that play osu and other FPS gaming and here’s a quote from one of them “Osu definitely helps, it has improved my aim and practicing with it is fun” – Daniel.

Is RGB needed?

RGB lights make your mouse look stylish and futuristic. If you have a good setup with RGB lights, this feature will make the whole setup look complete. When you have something that looks good, your confidence boosts. However, RGB lights won’t turn the tables for you like a charm. You still need practice and dedication to be better at gaming.

Does price matter?

Yes, price matters! A well-known brand may cost some more bucks than regular mice, but the performance will make you forget that you’ve paid some extra money.

On Amazon, you will come across a mouse that costs 1 dollar – 5 dollars and think of giving it a try. Also, some mice cost more than 100 dollars but will give you bad results. How do you get a good purchase? It depends on the result and wise choice. To make this easier, we have made this list for you. These are affordable mice that will help you win lots of osu matches.

Where to find the best mouse osu?

The mouse we have listed in this article has links that say “click here to buy” press the link and it will take you to the page you can get the mouse from. If you want an authentic product, our link will take you to the destination.

Is buying from an online shop worth it?

It depends on which shop you have chosen. If you research before buying a certain product and look for reviews you won’t get scammed. You should also know how to figure out that the product is authentic. Some pages will offer a huge discount and people will fall for it.

To avoid this kind of scam, always buy from authentic pages and shops. We would like to mention that we research for a while before giving you a source to buy. If you buy from here, there’s no chance that you’re going to get scammed.

Is a mouse good for osu?

If you are dedicated to osu, get a good mouse. A mouse is undoubtedly the best option for playing osu. Allow your muscle memory to remember the mouse and practice for a while. You’ll be better at the game eventually. Just hang in there and keep your eyes sharp.

Will these mice give me fatigue?

We have chosen to write this article to find the best mouses for osu. We ended up making a list for you, so you have a price difference and style difference. All of the mice are quite similar but have some ups and downs. One thing for sure, you won’t feel any fatigue using any of the mice from our list.

Is osu fun to play?

Music connects the wall, and osu is a game of music. This game is extremely addictive and fun to play. With a variety of rhythm and music to choose from this game has to be one of the best games we have played so far.

Is osu bad for us?

Osu is a fun and musical game that can give us a good mind and happiness. Music is good, but remember too much and too less both are dangerous for us. If you play too much osu it can hurt your ears and eyes. It can cause a headache which you don’t want. We suggest taking at least 25-30 mins rest every two hours of playing.

Last Words:

The gaming community is huge! In this huge world, osu is just a star. There are thousands of people trying to get good at this fun musical game but lacks a good mouse. This article was to help you out finding the best mouse for osu. Hope we could help you out.

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