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Top 6 Best MacBook Pro Screen Cleaner To Buy Is 2022

Whoever owns a MacBook needs the best MacBook Pro screen cleaner. Let’s be real, spots on a laptop or PC screen stop us from enjoying a movie with good visuals and working that requires details and more focus. In these situations, we tend to clean the laptop screen with a regular mirror or glass cleaner and to our surprise, it doesn’t work pretty well. It also makes the screen fragile from time to time.

In this article, we will be listing 6 screen cleaners that work with cleaning MacBooks, Windows laptops, smartphone screens, tablet screens, and PC monitors. The list was made after weeks of research and professional experience. Our fellow friend Rick who cleans PC/laptop monitors for a small business will be helping us with his experience.

Top 6 Best MacBook Pro Screen Cleaner Reviews

Our Top Pick
1. Screen Cleaner Spray (16oz) - Large Screen Cleaner Bottle

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎2.56 x 210.63 x 8.66 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.43 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: ‎EVEO
  • Item Model Number: EVEO

Screen Cleaner Spray (16oz) – Large Screen Cleaner Bottle claims to be your screen’s best friend. The formula used to make this cleaner is strong enough to eliminate dirt and gentle enough to protect your screen.

Product Features:

Gentle on the display: Many formulas contain chemicals that surely help you to clean dirty displays, but in a long-time usage, your display might get sensitive and worse, patchy looking.

The chemicals used to make the screen cleaner spray is very gentle on the screen and does not pick on anything else than the dirt and other spots created by removable substances. This ensures spotless display and healthier display as well.

Premium soft microfiber: Not many companies include a cleaning cloth with a cleaning formula. In this case, we surely found a brand that thinks about our needs. The package contains a microfiber cloth that will pick up all little bits and pieces of dirt gently from your MacBook screen.

More product: The bottle contains 16oz products which will go a long way. You don’t need a lot to wipe your displays. A little product wipes a lot. This product is affordable too which makes it one of our favorites.

Easy to use: The formula is easy to use. You shake the bottle slightly before using the bottle. Then, you spray the product lightly on your MacBook/ computer screen and wipe it with a circular motion with the microfiber cloth. Voila! You have a spotless screen now


  • The formula is actually used by professional PC cleaners.
  • Bottle contains a hose spray which ensures an easy and perfect spray that distributes the product onto the screen equally
  • You can use the formula to clean TV screens, Monitor, MacBook screens, Tablet, and Smartphone screens.
  • It does not take a lot of time to dry as well.


  • The formula is not suitable for pc parts cleaning. 
Editor Choice
2. Screen Cleaner Kit Best for Smartphones, iPhone, iPads

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎6.22 x 2.8 x 2.09 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎0.317 ounces
  • The Manufacturer: ‎WHOOSH
  • Item Model Number: WHOOSH! Inc
  • Country of Origin: ‎Canada

WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner kit promises us to give an easy cleaning process. How true is that? You might wonder. We tried it for you and told you everything the product features from our experience.

Product Features:

Quick cleaning formula: The formula of this cleanser helps the user to clean the glass screens easily. It saves you time for cleaning out those stubborn marks and dirt on your screen.  You will surely spend less time scrubbing the screen which also ensures zero scratchings.

Microfiber wipes: Microfiber wipes are best for cleaning screens for many reasons. It picks up small particles of dirt that normal wipes cannot pick up. When you purchase this item, you will receive three 6” x 6” microfiber wipes that are washable. This will save you a lot of time and scrubbing won’t be necessary for cleaning your Mac’s screen.

One for all: One bottle of Whoosh! Is enough for cleaning all types of tech screens. You can clean TV screens, tablet screens, smartphone screens, laptop screens, and MacBook screens without any issues. This factor saves you money and time. You do not need to spend more money on screen cleaner for every tech you own.


  • This product is used by many professional PC builders for afterward screen cleaning.
  • The mist spray hose distributes a minimal yet perfect amount of product needed for cleaning your screen.
  • You can use this formula for cleaning every tech screen.
  • Dries pretty quickly after you wipe the formula with the microfiber wipe included in the package.
  • Do not leave any marks.


  • One pump covers a decent area, but two pumps might be a need in case of bigger screens.
3. Screen Cleaner Kit - Best for LED & LCD TV

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎1.97 x 1.97 x 3.94 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎1.25 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: ‎Screen Mom
  • Item Model Number: ‎SM-16
  • Country of Origin: ‎USA

screen cleaning kit- best for LED and LCD TV, Mac promises us a streak-free cleaning experience. From our experience, we can say this product works really well. we will be telling our experience TO YOU.

Product features:

Streak free: The formula of this cleaner is effective for stubborn dirt marks on tech screens. When you wipe the formula, it does not leave any streak marks like cheap or non-brand formula.

Convenient hose: The convenient hose on this bottle helps you to distribute the product onto the screen perfectly for an easy wipe and less drying time.  The hose is convenient to use and easy to handle

Gentle formula: The formula is very gentle on screens. It does not eat away any protective layer. The formula is not alcohol based which is good for using on delicate or old monitors.

One for all: One bottle of this cleaner will help you clean TV, monitors, Mac, laptops, mobile screens, and tablet screens.

Wipes: The purchase includes extra-large microfiber wipes for wiping the formula. Surely you won’t be running around searching for a soft cloth for cleaning the screens.


  • The formula is known by many professional PC builders and cleaning services.
  • With the formula being alcohol ammonia free it does not disturb the display surfaces.
  • The wipes are washable.


  • This formula is not suitable for cleaning other pc parts.
4. Care Touch Lens Wipes for Eyeglasses

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎7.64 x 3.94 x 4.49 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎1.15 Pounds
  • The Manufacturer: Care Touch
  • Item Model Number: LW210

Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes – 210 Pre convinced us that cleaning wipes are a great choice too. This formula from care touch Will helps you to achieve a spot-free cleaning experience.

Product Features:

Spotless cleaning: The formula in these wipes is effective enough to leave your screen spot free and dirt free without much rubbing. One wipe is enough for cleaning a mobile or tablet screen for bigger screens like laptops you might need two depending on the size.

Convenient: The wipes are wrapped in a protected packet which is small and convenient. You can travel around and carry the wipes without worrying about space. You can also take them in your pocket.

Quick dry: The formula is alcohol based that ensures quick drying. After wiping your screen, you won’t have to wait more than 10 seconds for the formula to dry.

One for all: These wipes are suitable for cleaning smartphone screens, tablet screens, PC monitors. MacBook, laptop screens, and TV screens.


  • Because of being small, it is very easy to carry.
  • These wipes are used by many PC builders.
  • The brand is approved by people who keep their tech clean.


  • The formula is not suitable for PC parts cleaning.
5. WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit - [16.9 Oz]

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎3.54 x 9.84 x 3.15 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎1.1 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: ‎WHOOSH
  • Item Model Number: 4332716473
  • Country of Origin: ‎Canada

WHOOSH! Never disappoints us when it comes to a spotless cleaning experience. This formula is approved by many and used by many.

Product Features:

Spotless cleaning: The formula of WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit – [16.9 Oz] does not disappoint us when it comes to giving you a smooth cleaning experience. The formula is quite effective for dirty marks. It does not matter how old the mark is, this formula is capable of wiping the mark away in seconds.

Cleaning cloth: The purchase includes a microfiber cloth that will help you to pick up tiny particles of dirt and dust layer from your monitor with ease. As we have mentioned why microfiber plays an important role when it comes to wiping screens.

Odorless: Here is good news for all those people that got a really sensitive nose. This formula is completely odorless. Sometimes cleaning products can smell extreme to the point it hurts your nose. For this particular formula, the case is different.

One for all: One bottle is enough for cleaning all types of tech screens. You can clean your TV screen, smartphone screen, laptop screen, Mac screen, and every screen you can ever think of.


  • The bottle contains enough product to last you long.
  • The formula is approved by many gamers and people who prefer to clean their monitors often.
  • The hose spray ensures convenience and a better product-applying process.


  • The formula is not suitable for PC parts cleaning.
6. WHOOSH! Electronic Wipes,Screen Cleaner Wipes

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: 9.65 x 3.5 x 3.46 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎1.12 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: ‎WHOOSH Inc

WHOOSH! Electronic Wipes, Screen Cleaner Wipes [70 Wipes] promises us the best cleaning experience but in a more convenient way. We adore WHOOSH! For launching their outstanding formula for wiping screens in an easier way.

Product Features:

Convenient: The package contains 70 wipes that can be pulled out effortlessly. The box is easy to carry around because you do not have to worry about liquid spills or any leakage. Many professional repair workers love this product because of how easy it is to clean displays with these wipes. Just pull out a wipe and you are ready to clean the entire display.

Spotless cleaning: These wipes are pretty effective for cleaning any old or new marks caused by dust, debris, or dirt. You do not have to spend your energy and time rubbing the screen with these wipes because the formula is surely gentle on the screen, but very harsh on picking up marks.

Odorless: Another odorless formula for people with sensitive or irritative noses. We know how hard it is to work with scented or odor added products. Sometimes, it also causes headaches. WHOOSH! Surely deserves praise for their thought of odorless products.

One for all: By purchasing this wipe box, you are getting 70 wipes that are going to last a long way. The wipes can be used on any type of screen. You can use the wipes on smartphone screens, TV screens, Tablet screens, Laptop, and MacBook screens. You do not have to spend more money cleaning those other tech screens in your house.

Dry wipe: The purchase also includes a dry cloth that is washable. You can use this cloth after wiping with the formulated wipes. This way you will achieve quick dry cleaning. The cloth is also microfiber so for cleaning lose dust layer you can just use the cloth without any formula.


  • The WOOSH! Wipes are approved by many PC builders.
  • The box contains 70 wipes, which is going to last you long.
  • The wipes are big enough for medium size TVs


  • The formula is not suitable for PC parts cleaning.

How to Choose The Best MacBook Screen Cleaner

You don’t need to be a clean freak to keep your screes clean. Cleaning our appliances and tech products is a healthy practice that makes our mood better and lives healthier. But, spending money on the wrong products will be a waste. How do you know what to buy? Down below we will be telling you what to consider while buying a screen cleaner.

Price: We always say that cleaning supplies should not hurt our pockets. Every human being deserves to keep their hygiene and live a healthy life. Screen cleaning formulas are not that expensive in general. But, there are brands that look too good to be true and cost more. But also, don’t go for the cheapest one. Go for the formula which costs a reasonable amount.

Formula: We don’t have to say how important the formula factor is when you are going to buy a cleaner. But there are certain types of formulas that you can get according to your need. Some of us are very sensitive to chemicals. Some of us can’t handle the smell while some of us get nasty rashes while working with cleaning formula. So, make sure to read the ingredients before buying a cleaning formula. Also, if you want to be extra safe buy a formula that is alcohol based. That way it just vaporizes and doesn’t do any water damage to your computer.

Convenience: When we think about cleaning, we always want the cleaner procedure to be as easy as possible. But, in terms of PC monitor cleaning or a MacBook screen cleaning, the only easy thing we can find is a hose spray. Without a hose spray, you might spill the formula or can overuse the formula. However, there are bottles that are designed to put out a small amount of product on your wiping cloth.

Both hose spray and a bottle with a stopper are good options. Pick the one that suits your preference.

Who should try our list: Who should try the products mentioned in this article? Learn about this in the following section.

PC cleaning services: If you are someone who works to clean PCs our list is perfect for you. We gathered affordable formulas that will go a long way. Your customer will not complain about any spot on their monitor or casing glass. Yes, the formulas are suitable for cleaning casing glasses.

PC builders: Do you love building PC? Well, you know the struggle and joy of putting every part together. To keep your monitor spot free. You should try our list. Our list contains what you are looking for.

If you love a spot free screen: Any MacBook or Windows laptop user would love to get rid of those annoying dirty marks and a dirt layer of their screen. Try our list to have a clean laptop screen.


How often should you clean your PC monitors?

You should always clean your PC’s screen once a week. EVEN if you are using a laptop or MacBook. A dirty pc screen can cause you bad image quality and you may see fewer colors on your screen because of dust build-up. It does not matter where you live if you lie in the world your screens will build up dust over time.

Is a clean monitor good for photo editing?

A clean monitor or screen will help you to see the colors better and will also show accurate and crystal-clear images. If you have asthma cleaning your pc screen will help you a lot. The lost dust won’t affect you in any way.

Does DIY screen cleaner work?

DIY cleaners are always questionable. The chemicals in store-bought formulas are made in labs after much research and experiments. So, DIY cleaners are not the best choice for screen cleaning.

How to clean old dirt from a monitor?

Old layers or patches of dirt may take a few cleaning sessions. Do not put the extra product to clean the patch. Just make sure to take time and clean the patch in the same way 2-3 times or until the patch is gone. Make sure to let the monitor rest before the other sessions.

Final Verdict

In this article, we covered a list of the best MacBook screen cleaners. Those who want to keep their pc screen clean can try our list. These 6 cleaners are placed on the list for their quality and reliability. Give our list a fair trial and you won’t be disappointed. Also, our products are approved by people who clean their monitors often and also work in PC building and PC refurbishing. Our list surely includes everything you need

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