Top 5 Best CPU for Server of 2021- [Reviews & Buying Guide]

best CPU for Server

Knowing that a server treats computers as clients, server processors must be strong enough to take that load as well as have the ability to. Depending on the area the network is spread out on such as LAN, WAN, etc., you can choose what server you want to go for. Servers can be used for backup, storage, domain controllers, and much more.

The services of a server are not limited to a business and can be used at home such as a NAS server. In a business, however, servers can have roles such as a print server, database server, web server, and others.

So with all these options in the market, it is very much impossible to not be able to find a good server for your needs and the best CPU for Server. In this written piece you can find information on various servers as well as the processor installed.

So with all the servers for various purposes, this piece features five best that serve different purposes of the user.

In a Hurry Up; Best CPU for Server

In case you are running low on time, our recommendation is to read this part to know about the top 5 products on this list.

This business lead CPU is the optimum choice for those wanting space with its 12 bays. This does not have a maximum turbo frequency but runs on only 15 Watts of power. Being a uniprocessor, this has basic security features. It also supports PCIe 3.0 and DDR4-2133 memory.

Now let us get into the detailed information on each of these best server CPU for gaming.

1.HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 1U RackMount 64-bit Server

best cpu for home server

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The HP ProLiant DL360p is of 8th generation and can support two processors. From the Intel Xeon model, the two processors are Intel’s E5-2600, which provide a 35% higher performance. The 1U rack in the title means it has a chassis for space-saving. This chassis gives easy access to components for the ease of replacement.

The 1U rack gives it space-saving abilities with a chassis. The processors are proven to provide a 35 % higher performance, while the server allows two processors so this beast promises power. Anyone who needs to run heavy applications can rely on this server and CPU. This product has enormous amounts of positive reviews so you know you can have faith in it. More on this below.


It consists of 8 drives and here you can find a small diagnostics panel that indicates if any errors are present. A small LED lights up beside the part name, such as the network card, power supply, etc. There are also eight fans to keep this thing completely cool, along with thermal sensors in the chassis.

At the back of the server, you get a PCIe 3.0 port, along with a half-height PCIe port just beside it. They also have a VGA connection which is spectacular for anyone who needs to plug in old consoles or systems. It then has a serial connection, four USB ports, and space for two power supplies.

Power Wattage:

Although this is a 1U server, the power supplies from the 2U server can also be used. The power consumption goes up to 460w.

Security Features:

For security, this server features a Power-on password, Serial Interface Control, and Administrator’s password.

Memory and Storage:

For each of the 2 processors, there are four memory channels. These channels have three DIMM slots each, with DDR3 memory support. With two processors this counts up to 24 memory modules. With memory speed up to 1866 MHz and its SmartMemory feature, the performance increase in HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 is 16.6% from its predecessors.

This server storage is the SFF Hot-Swappable SAS or SATA. The hard drive is 300 GB while the RAM is 64 GB.

Additional Information:

The product is marked as a “#1 Best Seller” and has very good reviews so you can rest assured that this would be a great purchase.

2.Lenovo ThinkSystem ST250 Tower Server Including Intel Xeon

best cpu for home server

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The Lenovo ThinkSystem ST250 is a tower system sever with a single socket suitable for remote offices or small businesses. This server has a key element of manageability which comes in handy when controlling it remotely. The server packs an Intel Xeon E-2124 processor that comes with it.

The server is a successor to Lenovo’s ThinkServer TS460. With its minimum sound of just over 31 decibels, this is perfect to keep under a desk or in a small room without disturbance due to sound pollution.

If you are looking for the key component of manageability, this is the CPU to look at. Great for remote control and just as noiseless to put right in your office, with its tower shape and sound of just over 31 decibels. With a maximum turbo frequency of 4300 MHz and power consumption of just 71 Watts, this provides features many find ideal. Find details on this below.

Frequency & Wattage:

With the base frequency of 3300 MHz for Intel Xeon E-2124 processor, it goes up to different maximum turbo frequencies when using different numbers of cores. The turbo frequency climbs from 3900 MHz with 4 cores to 4300 MHz with 1 core. The processor also runs on just 71 watts with a maximum operating temperature of 69.3 °C.


With a Coffee Lake architecture, the processor runs on 4 Coffee Lake-S cores and 4 threads. The data width of this is 64 bits and it is a uniprocessor. Some of this processor’s extensions and technologies include SSE4, AVX2, FMA3, VT-d, TBT 2.0, and TSX.

Security Features:

The security features on this include Executable disk bit, MPX, SGX, TXT, SMEP, and SMAP. For data protection, this offers Intel Boot Guard, OS Guard, Secure Key, and vPro Technology.

Additional Information:

With a single controller, this processor owns 2 memory channels of 64 bits channel width. There is support for DDR4-2666 with 2 DIMMS per channel and a maximum memory bandwidth of 42.7 GB/s and ECC Direct Media 3.0 and PCIe 3.0 support. If you are looking for a big amount of RAM this also has 128 GB of RAM support. All in all, this can be considered the best CPU for home servers.

3.Synology DiskStation DS718+ NAS Server for Business

best CPU for Plex server

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Moving on from desktop, Synology released their DiskStation DS718+ NAS server aimed more at Businesses. This can be used for several reasons such as backup, file storage, or on the more professional side, for domain controllers or Email servers. Along with the three USB 3.0 ports, it has 2 TB of SSD which provides plenty of space with fast storage and transfers.

Running on just 10 watts of power is impressing being a server. For ports, it has three USB 3.0 and along with its storage option of 2 TB SSD, this is great for the job it is meant to do, which files storage or backup. On the more professional side, this can act as an E-mail server or a domain controller. Keep reading for more.

Frequency & Wattage:

With a base frequency of 1500 MHz, this server offers two maximum turbo frequencies: 2200 MHz with 2 or more cores, and 2300 MHz with 1 core. There is also a low power option when the frequency stays at 800 MHz. The server runs on a mere 10 watts and the maximum operating temperature is 105°C.


With a Goldmont architecture, the Synology DiskStation DS718+ has 4 Apollo Lake cores and 4 threads. The data width is 64 bits with only level 2 cache available, but no level 3. The physical memory is 8 GB and it is a uniprocessor. Some of its extensions and technologies include SSE4, AES SHA, EMT64, VT-x, VT-d, and BTP.

Security Features:

The security features on this are Executable disable bit, MPX, SMAP, and SMEP. Additionally, it has Intel Secure Boot, Secure Key, and Identity Protection Technology.

Additional Information:

The memory controller on this has 2 channels, each 64 bit with a maximum bandwidth of 38.4 GB/s. It supports PCIe 2.0 and has peripherals for HD Audio, I2C controller, eMMC and SD-Card interfaces, High-Speed UART, SPI interface, etc. Although this is more aimed towards businesses, the peripherals and storage make this sound like the best CPU for Plex server. This easy-to-install server is great for at-home too.

4.Dell PowerEdge T40 Business Tower Server Desktop

best cpu for minecraft server

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In the world of servers, this comes at a relatively low price point. It comes with the Intel Xeon E-2224G processor with a clock multiplier of 35 and socket LGA CPU 1151.

This one has the highest maximum turbo frequency on this list with up to 4700 MHz with 1 core and that too with a power consumption of only 71 watts. This has both level 2 and 3 caches with level 3 being 8 MB of shared cache. This has support for plenty of features including Intel Quick Sync Video, Clear Video HD Technology, and InTru 3D Technology. Read more on this below.

Frequency & Wattage:

With a base frequency of 3500 MHz, the maximum turbo frequency can go up to different ranges with its different number of cores. These are 4400 MHz with 4 cores, 4500 MHz with 3 cores, 4600 MHz with 2 cores, and finally 4700 MHz with 1 core. The power consumption of this is 71 watts and the maximum operating temperature can go up to 69.3 °C.


Like a previously mentioned product, this CPU is also of Coffee Lake architecture with 4 Coffee Lake-S cores and 4 threads. The data width is 64 bits and it is a uniprocessor with 128 BG of storage option. It has a level 2 cache as well as 8 MB of shared level 3 cache. The extensions and technologies of this include SSE4, AVX2, AES, BMI, F16C, FMA3 TBT 2.0, and much more.

Security Features:

Its security features include Executable disable bit, MPX, SGX, TXT, SMAP, and SMEP. Additionally, it has Intel Boot Guard, OS Guard, Secure Key, and vPro technology for data protection.

Additional Information:

The Intel Xeon E-2224G has support for Intel Optane memory, DirectX12, and for the graphics unit software such as Intel Quick Sync Video, Clear Video HD Technology, and InTru 3D Technology are all enabled. Sounds like the best CPU for Minecraft server to us.

5.Synology DiskStation DS2419+ iSCSI NAS Server

best cpu for home server

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This is a 12 bay Server with a BGA1310 socket, business lead CPU. This support for 12 hard drives or SSD’s gives this a huge boost in the market when looking for spacious options.

This business lead CPU is the optimum choice for those wanting space with its 12 bays. This does not have a maximum turbo frequency but runs on only 15 Watts of power. Being a uniprocessor, this has basic security features. It also supports PCIe 3.0 and DDR4-2133 memory.

Frequency & Wattage:

This has a base frequency of 2100 MHz but no maximum turbo frequency. The power consumption of this is only 15 watts with a maximum operating temperature of 87 °C.


This CPU is of Goldmont architecture with 4 Denverton cores and 4 threads. Its data width is 64 bits with 8 MB of level 2 cache but no level 3. The physical memory is 256 GB and it is a uniprocessor. Some of its extensions and technologies include MMX, SSE4, AES, EMT64, VT-x, VT-d, and QAT.

Security Features:

The security feature on this is Executable disk bit. It also has Secure Boot.

Additional Information:

Some peripheral support on this includes PCIe 3.0, DDR4-2133 memory, and 8 ports of USB 3.0.

How To Choose The Best CPU for Server for You

After acquiring all that information to know your compatibility with each of the products listed, this is the section that will help you out there. What do you do when getting or reviewing more servers and processors in the market? Read on and know for yourself!

Know the terms

It should not be a surprise that this is a tip. If you go out without knowing the name of something, how are you going to ask for it? Get yourself familiar with the jargon used in this field. This will come incredibly in handy and you will feel very confident when talking to someone in the shop or just anyone willing to help you out. The person on the other side will also feel assured that you are being serious as you did your homework.

Take notes of what you require

What are you looking for in your server? If this is for backup and storage then it should have a lot of storage and an SSD can be a plus. Every purpose has a few requirements. List them down to know what exactly you are looking for without getting lost.


Talk to a professional or even a salesperson. With their years of experience they know which products hits and which ones come back to their shelves. With your list of requirements, they can easily know what you are looking for and help you out in no time. Even if you do not want to finalize one product, they can help you narrow down your choices and make everything smooth and fast.

Be careful with scammers

When shopping online some people fall into the traps of scammers so be careful with that. Check the source and read the reviews. Fake reviews seem repetitive and non-descriptive, or lazily described, so when you read a few of these you will know. If not fake, however, you can grasp an idea of how well the product is received by its customers and this will also help.

Go out and explore

Online is great and convenient but if the option of going to the market is available then we would suggest giving that a shot. At the market you can have a look at the product itself, talk to the staff about the said product and get details on it. You can even look around for discounts or coupons that will majorly help your budget.

Check your warranty

First of all, congratulations on getting yourself a server. Second of all, check the warranty on your newly purchased products, if available. Keep them in a safe place, you can even keep a scanned copy on your computer, email, or phone.

Careful when installing

Read the manual with patience and attention before installation. This is not a small house appliance. If you are not confident in the matter then get some expert help if you can. Some servers are very easy to set up while some can be tricky. If you do get an expert to stop by make sure you understand ways to insert a hard drive or an SSD and other things for the future. Maybe let them show you once so that you become familiar with it.

The Best CPU for Home Server FAQ

What forms of servers are on the list?

Servers mainly consist of three forms, tower rack, and blades. Each of the servers on the list is a different size but they are mostly towers. You can click on the “Click here to buy link” to see a picture of what they look like.

What does “1U” mean?

The U stands for 1.75 inches so in a 1U server the rack dimensions are 1.75 inches in height while in a 2U server the rach unit is twice that amount. It is a short way to understand what the rack size is without saying all the numbers.

Can I get a NAS server for my home?

Of course, you can! Family photos and videos are nowadays fully digitalized instead of being physical copies. With a NAS server, you can easily store your family photos and videos here. That is just the start, with all that storage you can keep all sorts of data and even back up other devices over the internet.

Final Verdict

At the end of it all, if you find the best CPU for server that fits all your needs, it is a success for both you and everyone who put in the effort. Remember that going in blind to pick and choose products is not going to guarantee you that.

Take tips from the buying guide and read online to research your options according to your needs. There is always something that will be perfect for you with the vast market out there so do not lose hope and search away!


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